ACA WSO Web/database Report for the October 2012 Teleconference.

The number of registered meetings on the meeting list continues to grow, 1136 registered ACA meetings as of this week (a net increase of 20 meetings in September). Due to the failure and replacement of a critical computer in the office, we were unable to provide updates to the web site for most of September. The problems were resolved early this month. As a result, the web site was successfully updated on October 8, and the standard weekly updates should now to resume.

The web site activity continues at about the same rate as in August. In September, we averaged 1140 unique visitors per day.

I continue to build and update the layout of the “Repository”. For now, I am also continuing to post the Teleconference Agendas and Committee Reports. By next month, I hope to enable selected board and committee members to load their own monthly reports directly into the Repository. I also plan to develop procedures for the various committee chairs to add their Teleconference reports to the Repository. Leanne is working with me to move the old audio transcripts from the forum onto the repository. Over time, I still hope to get the critical information currently on the forum moved to the Repository, but this is a start. In the meantime, I’m leaving the old forum software running as is (available thru the Repository).

The office has reported a continuing problem with the Shopping Cart wherein the Inventory records suddenly reset for reasons unknown. I continue to work with the office staff to identify the cause of this problem.

Kelso continues with the development for the “back-end” of the meeting update software. This will ultimately replace the current online meeting and Inter Group registration forms as well as the MS Access database held at the office. This will greatly simplify the meeting update process and should integrate well with the ”front-end” web meeting list once that is transferred from to

David has requested the WSO sign an agreement to not provide his web meeting software to others prior to moving the software to our host web site. I’ve provided this agreement to the WSO Board for approval at this teleconference. Once the agreement is approved and signed, I hope to work with David in finally moving the software to our host web site and the domain.

Scott R.

ACA WSO Webmaster