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The Literature Committee supports global ACA recovery by making program principles accessible to adult children, in ways that are affordable and available in all languages. Specific missions include developing new literature, assisting  national translation committees, and supporting delivery of literature in diverse settings.

The current service positions in the Literature Committee (as of October2021) are:
Christine B., Chair, Literature Committee
OPEN Vice Chair
Suzi B., Committee Secretary, Co-Chair Literature Evaluation
Justine F., Board Liaison
OPEN Literature in Development
OPEN Communications
Greg R., Literature Evaluation Subcommittee Chair (Suzi B., vice chair)
Brad L., IT Coordinator
OPEN ComLine (Nicholas W.K., Interim Chair)
OPEN, Volunteer Coordinator
Dalia B., Translation Subcommittee chair (Hasse O., vice chair)
Sue V , Publishing Committee Liaison
OPEN, Boundaries Study Group
Louis B., Spiritual Inclusion Study Group

The Literature Committee depends heavily on volunteers. We welcome anyone with editing, writing, design and other skills relevant to creating, publishing and translating literature.

Development teams work through the group conscience. A quarterly Literature Committee call is held the first Saturday of January, April, July, and October.  To contact the literature committee, please fill out the contact form by clicking here.

Literature Evaluation Process
The Literature Committee review process (see is designed to ensure that new literature meets clearly articulated standards. We rely on volunteer “reader teams” to reach group consensus and invite members to volunteer to be part of the process. Members are also invited to the Literature Committee Quarterly Meeting to learn about current projects and opportunities. (see Calendar)

  • All submissions of new literature from ACA service entities (Meetings, Intergroups, & Regions), and WSO subcommittees will be evaluated by Literature Evaluation Subcommittee readers using the same standardized criteria.
  • These criteria include the following:
    -ACA is a spiritual, not religious, program.
    -ACA is inclusive of people from homes where alcohol and drugs were not present.
    -Simple language that translates easily into many languages.
    -Brief, clear and concise content (limited word count, avoids repetition.)
  •  All submissions will go through the same formal development process which includes an evaluation, approval by the WSO Board of Trustees, and a period of fellowship review before it can move to an Annual Business Conference for conference approval.
  •  All literature, from any source, needs to follow the guidelines for ACA logo use and display disclaimers to give the fellowship clarity about what is and is not conference-approved literature, or where literature stands in a conference approval process.
For WSO Literature Policy details, please see the WSO Operating Policy and Procedures Manual (OPPM) pages 27-37:
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