September 8, 2012; 11 A.M. – 12:30 P.M. PST (UTC -8)


Opened with Serenity Prayer

Roll Call:

1. Board members present: Scott, Interim Chair; Phyllis, Interim Treasurer; Joan, Secretary; Larry, Anja, and Karen.

2. A quorum established. Yes.

3. Committee Chairs: Literature, Larry; Outreach, Phyllis; H&I, Joan; WSO Office, DiAnne; Website/Database, Scott; European Activity, Anja;

4. Introduction of guests: Approximate 22 guests attended the teleconference.

The August 2012 minutes were approved pending a correction noted by Larry.

Monthly Reports:

1.ACA/WSO Treasurer: Phyllis. Reported 7th Tradition donations were $5,318.14 this past month. Her full report may be seen on the Repository. Phyllis answered some questions Larry had asked regarding phone bills and other items. Scott stated being impressed with the amount of money coming in and the quantity of materials going out.

2.Literature Report: Larry A. Larry’s report can be seen in its entirety on the Repository. He reported so far 113 Ebooks have been sold online between Amazon and Barnes and Noble. The Meditation Book committee did a group conscience and MaryJo was chosen to be Meditation Group project trusted servant. Denise is helping with the ComLine, Annie is going to edit the ComLine. Contributions are still needed for the Meditation Book and it preferred that they be sent to Larry via email. A global release form will need to be signed by anyone submitting a meditation for publication. He also reported the Danish BRB is halfway done being formatted.

3.WSO Officer Report: DiAnne A. – 972 BRB Hard Copies shipped last month. The office personnel continue to see exploding volumes in sales of paper literature Newcomer pamphlets and Identity Paper pamphlets. She believes having pictures on the Shopping Cart have improved the sales since people can see what they will receive. This past month 2/3 of the paper literature have seen their orders doubled and tripled.

4.Outreach: Phyllis R. See her full report sent out earlier and posted on the Repository. There were over 200 emails answered, with Karen answering about 40. She has had requests again from Russia for meeting information. Vonnie is a new volunteer to assist on the Outreach Committee.

5.Website/Database: Scott R.1,100 meetings have to be updated annually, Gloria is working on that. Next month Scott plans on sending out the 2013 ABC information via email to those meetings registered. He also reported there have been as many as 1,170 unique visitors per day looking at the website. (Scott & Phyllis leave the TC due to another engagement)

6.Hospitals and Institutions: Joan B. In August 6 workbooks and fellowship texts, cosmetically damaged, were sent to a new facility inLeanne of Florida was sent the four letters currently available for use in contacting various institutions. Joan is also looking for volunteers to join her committee to assist in increasing the distribution of materials to H&I facilities across the country.

7.European Activity, Anja H. She has had contact with Martin in the UK and another member in Finland. She has sent out emails to other groups across Europe to see if they need any kind of help for their groups.

8.Executive Committee: Larry reported the difference in expenditures for layout of the Danish BRB and another pamphlet. The differences were $850 approved, $750 spent; $8 approved for the pamphlet, $60 needed. Ended up saving $48 in the end.

9.2013 ABC Report, Jesper Jesper not available, but Anja reported their group had the first meeting to plan the 2013 ABC. Several people are looking at possible venues for the 2013 ABC in Copenhagen.

Old Business: Publishing of ComLine. Larry reported that submissions for the Meditation Book could be used along with some of the financial statement to have sufficient material for publication of the ComLine again. Articles written by ACA members would be best, but in the absence of those, these other items will help. Annie has offered to edit and Denise has offered to assist in laying out the ComLine. The timeline for publishing is hoped to be monthly, but if not enough material is available, the ComLine will be published quarterly. Scott noted with approval the plan to move forward with publishing.


New Business items:

Motion #1: To grant the novelist permission to use the ACA 12 Steps (Phyllis). Larry seconded the motion. Karen noted that AA was written in the request. Phyllis said if the board approved his use of the ACA 12 Steps, which is the only set of 12 Steps they can approve, she would notify him that it is the ACA Steps he can use. Karen noted that it is important that this novelist understand the difference in the ACA 12 STEPS and that he use those as written. Unanimous approval of this motion.

GUESTS COMMENTS: Numerous guests were on the call today. Concerns were voiced by many of them regarding the reported closure of the phone bridge meetings. They were assured by Larry that the board has no intention or authority to close the phone bridge meetings, and that the motion that had been placed on the August agenda had been withdrawn. Many guests expressed appreciation to the board for the work they do for the fellowship. Other questions asked included information regarding an ACA convention, how to set up Intergroups, and when an audio book may be available for the blind.


Meeting closed with the Serenity Prayer.

The next teleconference will be October 13, 2012.


Respectfully submitted by Joan B.