Category: Member Services

The WSO Member Services Committee (MSC) is looking for volunteers to help assist. Support, and communicate with the worldwide ACA membership. We meet every month on the first Wednesday for approximately one hour by Zoom teleconference at 1 p.m. Eastern Time. We work together and communicate with each other between monthly meetings using our WSO Slack Workspace channel  #member_services_cmte and the various subcommittee channels connected to MSC.

Subcommittees doing this service work:

  • Global Members – reaching out globally, connecting with and supporting meetings and members, in continents outside North America, carrying the ACA message in countries new to ACA.
  • Intergroups – assisting with creation of new Intergroups, coordinating communications with established Intergroups, providing mutual support and participation between Intergroups, their member groups, and WSO.
  • Members – connecting and supporting meetings and members, helping WSO meet the needs of the fellowship in North America.
  • Regions – assisting in the formation of new Regions, in North America and globally, as well as supporting established Regions and communication between Regions.
  • Traveler Newsletter – monthly email reporting news, events, and announcements throughout the ACA fellowship.
  • Young Adults/Teens  – supporting emerging Young Adult meetings worldwide and exploring supports required for emerging ACA Teen groups.

We are a diverse group of recovering ACA members who are enthusiastic about opening communication and ending isolation for all members and meetings of ACA.  If you are interested in joining us, please contact one of our subcommittees.

NOTE: The Members Service Committee will not meet in November or December.  Look for new Fellowship Engagement service opportunities in early 2022.

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