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Young Adults/Teens Subcommittee

The ACA Teen meeting to begin re-building the program will be rescheduled. New date will be announced as soon as possible. 

We are a subcommittee designed to help members to help teens and young adults.  We welcome ACA teens, young adults, ACA members who are sponsoring ACA Teen meetings and other interested members. We work with members starting, attending and/or went to ACA Teen and/or Young Adult meetings.

We help to bridge the gap for teens and young adults as they move through school to adult/college/work life by:

  • Finding ways to make ACA Teen & Young Adult known among teens and young adults.
  • Finding ways to attract teens and young adults to ACA.
  • Finding ways to conduct ACA Teen and Young Adult meetings.
  • Finding ways to support ACA Teen and Young Adult meetings.
  • Finding ways to encourage ACA Teens & Young Adults to take on the responsibility of their own meetings.
  • Finding ways to familiarize regions, intergroups, teachers, schools, counselors, parents, caregivers, other 12 Step fellowships, hospitals, and institutions with ACA Teen and Young Adult.

For information email:  [email protected]
Slack channel: #msc_young_adult_teen


In ACA Teen Uncover Your True Teen Self



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