Delegate Training Subcommittee (Laura): Laura began her report by stating that there was no meeting held in October. She then reported that there would be follow-up with regard to providing information for the Delegates’ Corner of the ComLine, as well as, following up on the Delegate’s Training PDF. Laura stated there has been a request made for a page on the ACA website so that delegates can go to one spot and download the OPPM, the Delegate PDF, The Concepts, The Commitment to Service and possibly the video on Robert’s Rules of Order and whatever else may apply. Please forward any questions, comments or concerns to ([email protected]).

Intergroup Liaison Subcommittee (Bonnie): Bonnie reported that email traffic at [email protected] for the month of October was minimal, there were only about 15 messages requiring about 3 responses. There was a lot of internet solicitations which were forwarded to the web servant. Bonnie reported that the committee is actively promoting the SLACK Intergroup Forum as a venue for sharing organizational idea and experience. Use of the forum has picked up and groups have been posting about structure, bylaws, procedures, and so on. Currently there are 66 intergroups registered but only 22 are enrolled in the literature discount program. Full report is on the repository.

Hospitals & Institutions (Bill): Bill began the report by mentioning that the H & I Subcommittee is still without a chair and if anyone is interested to please contact him. Bill then reported that for the month of October, the H & I Committee sent out 36 packages of information to 36 correctional facilities in the southern half of Florida and plan to send to the northern area of the state next month. Additionally, the H&I Committee is aware of a meeting being conducted at a women’s recovery center in Pembroke Pines, FL on Sunday’s at 7pm, sponsored by the My Life is Changing Group, Ft. Lauderdale. Anyone wishing to provide service to the MPS Committee/sub committees, please email: [email protected] or contact Bill on SLACK.