Hello Fellow ACA Members:

The 2017 ABC was exciting and began a new era of involvement by the membership in determining the course the fellowship will take in the coming years. Your voices were heard last year at the 2016 ABC and this year's ABC was a demonstration of that collective conscience.

There were 12 ballot proposals that received the 2/3 affirmative vote by the fellowship to become motions at the ABC. The motions were all discussed in depth and given due consideration by the delegates and trustees. The minority opinion was heard for each proposal and even affected the final outcome of some of the votes.

Here is a brief summary of how the ABC voted on the ballot proposal motions.

Proposal 1 - Passed - We propose that the following statement on "I Statements" be posted on the ACA website as a resource...

Proposal 3 - Passed - We propose that the WSO create a workbook on “Becoming Your Own Loving Parent.” Activities, questions, and tools will be drawn from chapter 8, related parts of the BRB and ACA member suggestions.

Proposal 4 - Passed - We propose that the WSO revise BRB Chapter 11 and the sponsorship pamphlet for clarity and consistency.

Proposal 5 - Failed - We propose that the WSO of ACA, and the Fellowship of ACA, “go to any lengths” to adopt the 12 Steps of Tony A.

Proposal 8 - Passed - We propose that a Telephone Conference Meeting Committee be created, since telephone conference meetings have issues unique and separate from face to face meetings.

Proposal 9 - Failed - We propose that when Regions register with WSO, the Board of Trustees promptly (within 30 days) seat the duly elected Region Representatives as full members of the Board in accordance with the maximum number of Trustees set by the ACA foundational documents.

Proposal 10 - Passed - We propose change on p. 13 of BRB from “refrain from all prescription medication use” to “refrain from all prescription medication misuse.”

Proposal 11 - Failed - We propose that this additional sentence should be added directly after the  sentence in the previous proposal: "We also recommend that the adult child guards  against the misuse of any other substances or processes to self soothe the pain of a  dysfunctional childhood (eg, work, food, gambling, sex, relationships, shopping,  internet use, exercise.)”

Proposal 12 - Passed - We propose that "anti prescription medication use" comments, rather than a "misuse of prescription medication" comments, be removed anywhere the sentiment is expressed in ACA/DF official literature or amended to make it clear that misuse is the issue.

Proposal 13 - Passed - We propose that that the WSO explains more specifically what ‘closed’  means anywhere that the term is used.

Proposal 15 - Passed - We propose that the fellowship would consider changing the first statement in The "Laundry List" to read as: “These are characteristics we seem to have in common due to being brought up in an alcoholic or otherwise dysfunctional household.”

Proposal 16 - Failed - We propose that ACA/WSO open up discussion among our fellowship to introduce Tony A’s ACOA 12 Steps to our membership as conference approved material.