This committee has determined the following:

  • That the WSO ByLaws should be enhanced to reflect what is more the norm for ByLaws.  Our current ByLaws frequently direct people to the OPPM rather than containing the actual information.  With the guidance of a non-profit ByLaws template, we will move some information out of the OPPM into the ByLaws to make them more substantive. 
  • We feel the OPPM should truly be more of a procedure document. 
  • We are also working under the premise that the ABC and the Literature sections of the existing OPPM are too substantive to be part of this document and should therefore become standalone documents. 
  • We have gone back to reconstruct any missing Books of Motions to ensure we have all policy motions that have been passed since 4Q 2012 in order to add them to the OPPM Revision.  (4Q 2012 is when the last revision of the OPPM was done.)

Committee members:  

Mary Jo L., Committee Chair, Marcia J., Jim R., Laura L., Charlie H., Miles C., Carole C.