The European Committee Report for January 2018
We would like anyone to come join us on our Skype call every 1st Saturday of the month.
Next time is the Saturday 4th of February at 14:00 CET
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Mission Statement of WSO/EC: Aca creates a safe welcoming fellowship for those who suffer from childhood trauma giving them tools to heal

A lot is happening in EC right now, we are gathering informations about the various services structures to focus on those who need us the most. Please See  European Committee at the WSO website also please see our own acawso website We have posted a lot of new entries due to our efficient new committee secretary. The Minutes for the the teleconference this month is already in the repository. Other then the countries present at this months call I am reaching out doing one on one calls with the translation chairs or chairs of the IG of the European fellowships.

We are looking for bids for us to host the European Meeting 2018 Conference and we are talking with fellowships already submitting their bids.

The Greeks have completed their translation of the BRB, YWB and the Meditations book and are asking the board What now? Charlie proposed a meeting with Robin, Charlie and I to discuss how to proceed.

We got a new member on the EC, and that is Charlie H literature Chair of the WSO. Welcome Charlie

Right now it is ACA awareness week 12 – 18th of February in the UK.
Saturday the 17th of March ACA convention in London. For more information contact; [email protected]

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Report submitted
Majbrit M
Grateful Trusted Servant