The Ballot Proposals

In mid January, the proposals submitted from groups around the globe will be available for review, discussion and VOTING.

Until that time, we will develop the information for this page – suggestions for gathering group conscience; and timelines and procedures. You will find here a link to the proposals to be voted upon.

The Ballot and the Delegates’ Role

The Call for Proposals typically closes at the end of November. Each Proposal, with the addition of an analysis from WSO, is placed on a Ballot and sent to all groups in mid January.  Each meeting group and Intergroup discusses and votes on whether or not a proposal merits discussion at the upcoming ABC. Proposals that meet a 2/3rds tally of “yes” votes, from the groups that respond, are placed on the Conference agenda.

As a delegate to the ABC, you may choose to assist your group as they address the ballot. The number of proposals fluctuates each year. You may want to consider various strategies for finding consensus if there are too many to address in a typical business meetings. Here are some suggestions:

Set aside time, after your meetings, to discuss a couple of proposals at a time.
Create an separate meeting outside of the regular meeting time.
During the announcement break, take a set number of minutes for voting – 5 or 10. Continue over consecutive weeks, until all proposals are addressed. (The meeting might possibly be extended the same number of minutes taken up at the announcement time.)
If your group has an ABC Delegate, the following are their suggested responsibilities:

Present the Ballot to your group for discussion and voting.
Submit the completed Ballot to WSO before the deadline. (Details to follow)
Register as a voting Delegate on the website.
Know your group’s opinion on the proposals so that you are voting your group’s conscience.  However, your group should understand your vote may be informed by additional information from discussions at the ABC, and may be subject to change.
During the ABC, discuss and vote on the proposals, either in person or by electronic distance voting.
After the ABC, report back to your group, either in a written or oral report, depending on your group’s preference.

Consider offering a short essay on some aspect of your experience, to be published in the ACA newsletter, the Comline.

Please note:  Teleconference trainings on the Delegate role are presented in April, prior to the ABC. All registered delegates will receive notification of trainings. Additionally, a link to the  delegate training schedule will be posted in March, at

  • Questions regarding the Ballot and Proposals may be directed to the Ballot Prep Committee at
  • Questions about being a Delegate may be directed to the Delegate Training Subcommittee at

In service,

Erin D

December 28, 2018

Chair, Delegate Training Subcommittee

Check back, as this document will be developed.