2020 Delegates – there is some pertinent information in this posting that will be applicable for you, but it is essentially about the 2019 ABC in Malmo, Sweden.  The 2020 Delegate Binder will be posted as soon as it is available.  


2019 ABC Delegate Binder Information: 

The financial statements, committee reports and proposals that will be presented and discussed at the Annual Business Conference are compiled in the Delegate Binder. Samples of new ACA literature or special material, pertinent to the organization may also be found there. And our foundational documents are also included.

Although the Business Conference presently takes place over a 2-day period, the time goes quickly and there never seems to be enough of it to satisfy our desires to enquire and discuss. Being informed, ahead of the ABC, helps the delegation remain focused on our tasks, generating pertinent discussions. No one is required to read through every word. Nothing needs to be memorized – there will not be a test. With that said, it is valuable to familiarize yourself with the contents and perhaps to read more closely, the reports and other information to which you are drawn. Besides, you may find all of this to be quite fascinating.

As an introduction to the World Service Organization, the Delegate Binder may be the way for you to discover a niche within our organization, where you would like to offer further service. The achievements of WSO are built squarely on the efforts of our volunteers, who find friendship, recovery and merit in their involvement. Please consider participating in your organization.

Get the binder here.

December 28, 2018


Chair, Delegate Training Subcommittee


Check back, as this document will be developed.