Attached is a single page, size 8.5 x 11 U.S., two-sided document created to include all four Laundry Lists and a short summary explaining them (in MS Word and *.pdf formats). We have copies available at our meetings as part of the standard ACA literature we offer, but we've also laminated some copies and use them for our "Traits Meetings" we do once a month (like a Step meeting, but focusing on each Trait instead of a Step). The document pulls pretty much verbatim from WSO Conference Approved Literature (the Laundry Lists workbook), though the short introduction is "selective" and "assembles/arranges/essentializes" the source text differently than it appears in it's original form. There may also be a few areas that minor text changes were made in the "assembling" process of the introduction.

I shared this in document in Slack and others there said they also thought it would be useful to them, and they suggested I submit the document here. 

Submitted by FL218 and FL0261  Thanks!