ACAWSO Literature Committee Monthly Meeting Notes 10/16/2021

Prepared by Recording Secretary Suzi B.

1. Internet presence – LitCom Chair Christine will work with IT Chair Brad to refresh internet presence/website for LitCom.
2. Proposed Bill of Rights – Evaluation letter to submitters was approved by LitCom accepting the proposed Bill of Rights with specified changes and
suggested add’l changes. All relevant docs and comments will be posted on the LitEval Slack channel by LitEval Chair Greg R. LitEval. Chair requests that LitCom members weigh in on whether the categorization of evaluation comments (Cat 1, 2, & 3) makes sense.
3. Proposed Safety Tent Card – Reader team will review Fellowship Review comments and meet on 10/19/21. LitEval Chair is seeking criteria for reviewing these comments.
4. New submittals – Two new reader teams, led by Amber D. and Rick Z., are being assembled for new submittals (Slogans/affirmations & Mentorship(?)) Teams will be comprised of 4-6 people and may work sequentially due to a limited number of volunteers. LitCom needs to update developers of A New Hope about timing.
5. WSO Ballot Proposals – proposals relevant to literature will be referred to LitCom.
Proposal to print Tony A’s Steps – Currently, Tony A’s Steps are published in a non-WSO e-book, The Laundry List. Copyright issues regarding Tony A’s Steps continue to impede their publication by WSO. An alternative Step workbook by Tian Dayton is available; Justine is using with one of her sponsees.