ACA WSO Literature Committee Quarterly Meeting- 01/08/2022
Prepared by Recording Secretary Suzi B.

1. Report from Publishing Committee (Chair Sue V.)
Publishing was separated from Literature Committee at 2020 ABC
Goal is worldwide access to ACA literature
31 different international formats, including audio
   –5 English language publications
   –15 publications in 8 non-English languages
    –20 publications total
2006-2023 forecast by Translation Group (Susanne)
    –36 publications in 20 languages and 144 formats

2. Report from Literature Committee (Chair Christine B.)
   –Online blog has been approved by Board and will go live 02/01/2022 after a two-year hiatus
   –Comline will be posted on the first of each month
   –Search function for past articles; translation function; limited commenting function
Literature Evaluation Subcommittee (Greg R.)
   – Currently in evaluation

     -A New Hope

     -Slogans, Affirmations, Gentleness Break Bookmark

Evaluation responses sent for:
   –Bill of Rights
   –Safety Tent Card

Justine: Connections document is ready for evaluation

  –Create a long term plan for literature
   –Develop resources to aid writers
   –Solicit fellowship input for updating/revising the Big Red Book by 2026
Future direction
   –New Language Subcommittee (needs members & chair)
   –New Literature in Development Subcommittee (needs members & chair)
   –Revise Big Red Book by 2026 (20th Anniversary)
   –Appoint Literature Committee Vice Chair