The following suggested guidelines for 7th Tradition contributions have been adopted by the WSO Board of Trustees and approved by the Conference delegates at their November 12, 2022, meeting. They were finalized at the February 18, 2023 delegates meeting.

These suggested guidelines pertain to 7th Tradition contributions and surpluses beyond expenses and a prudent reserve for ACA Groups, Intergroups, and Regions.


For Group Meetings that have an Intergroup and Region:                              
50% (of contribution) for the IG, 25% for the Region and 25% for WSO
For Group Meetings that have an Intergroup but not a Region:                        
50% for the IG, 50% for WSO
For Group Meetings that do not have either a IG or a Region:      
Entire contribution to WSO
For Intergroups that have a Region:                                                    
50% for the Region, 50% for WSO
For Intergroups that do not have a Region:                                               
Entire contribution to WSO
For Regions:                                                                       
Entire contribution to WSO


These new suggested guidelines supersede and replace those mentioned in the Big Red Book and other ACA literature that will need to be updated. One new trifold, “Where The Money Goes”, will explain how WSO funds are allocated and give Groups, Intergroups, and Regions additional background about 7th Tradition contributions.