A special appeal message was recently sent by WSO to the contact person for each registered ACA group and intergroup asking for increased 7th Tradition donations. The Finance Committee is pleased to report that donations for the first half of February have increased significantly as a result. We express our deep appreciation to all those individual members, groups, intergroups, and regions that have responded so quickly. If this increased level of donations is sustained over the following months, it will make a substantial difference in our ability to continue adding literature in native languages for ACA members and groups in other nations and to allow WSO to expand its services to the fellowship.


We are encouraging donors to consider electing recurring, monthly donations to support WSO’s worldwide services to the increasing number of new groups. Self-support for members, groups, intergroups, regions, and WSO is a spiritual practice, and each should contribute something, no matter how large or small that amount may be. Each of us is equally responsible for contributing to our self-support.


We on the Finance Committee know there are often obstacles to collecting contributions from members, especially for online meetings. As we learn from ACA groups about ways they have found to overcome those obstacles, we will pass their experience on to all groups. We are working on updated informational literature to provide help to groups in collecting contributions, paying expenses, maintaining a prudent reserve, and donating excess funds to intergroups, regions, and WSO.


We are your partners in fulfilling our joint primary purpose of carrying the ACA message of recovery to adult children who still suffer, and we thank you for supporting the growth of ACA.


In love and service,

WSO Finance Committee