The Loving Parent Guidebook (LPG) subcommittee, Literature, and Publishing Committees invite ACA members to submit recordings of guided practices from the LPG to share with ACA members worldwide. The LPG contains guided practices on pages 18, 29, 36, 44, 58, 66, 78, and 180 (8 total). 

Recordings will be anonymous, voluntary gifts to the fellowship to which ACA WSO holds the copyright. No experience is necessary. Recordings are not expected to be of professional quality. We have been pleased to receive many submissions. Please limit your submission to one recording. We plan to offer a range of voices and will not have space to display all recordings. Thank you for your service!

If you are comfortable making an audio recording, you will be helping to represent a range of genders, regional accents, and other vocal qualities found within our diverse fellowship. 

Translations of the guided practices have yet to be completed, so this call is for recordings in English. If you’d like to help translate guided practices into other languages, please get in touch with the Translations Committee at [email protected].

Thank you for considering our invitation. If you are interested, please review the guidelines and tips below before submitting your recording. Deadline: April 30, 2023. 

Thank you!
The Loving Parent Guidebook Subcommittee

Recording Guidelines and Tips for Guided Practices from The Loving Parent Guidebook

Download the instructions here

How to Record
We recommend searching the internet for recording instructions for smartphones, computers, or other devices you can access to complete a recording. Or check with someone you know for help recording an audio file. A voice memo on a smartphone is good enough.

  • Please submit audio recordings in mp3 or m4a file formats. 
  • Please title your audio file with the date (mm/dd/yy) and name after “Guided Practice:” For example, Guided Practice: Creating a Safe Inner Space for Your Inner Family would be titled “22223creatingasafeinnerspaceforyourinnerfamily.” 

Consider recording a short sample and playing it back to troubleshoot echoes, unexpected noises, and the like before recording the full guided practice. A quick internet search will reveal tips for sound quality. 

Please speak at a slow, steady pace, pausing as necessary and using your natural speaking voice. You might wish to listen to the recording as if you were following along to check if your pacing allows you time to follow the practice and have space to experience it.

Sample Recording 

This sample recording was created with a smartphone using the opening recording script below. 


What to Record
Please use the script below to record guided practices. 

  • Thank you for not recording your name or music.
  • Thank you for recording the LPG guided practice as-is, without any changes. 

You will not need to flip to page 222 for the opening script; it is included in the script below.

Opening Recording Script
[Begin Recording Here] Instructions for when and how to use the following guided practice, along with a written transcript, can be found in the book, The Loving Parent Guidebook. This recording and the original text are both copyrighted by Adult Children of Alcoholics® World Service Organization, Inc. All rights reserved.

You can find additional recordings at For more information about Adult Children of Alcoholics and Dysfunctional Families, please visit

This Guided Practice: _________________________ is from page ________. 

                                   Name of guided practice                            page #

(Pause) To begin, find a quiet and comfortable space without distraction. Find a position that helps you stay alert, but comfortable. Your eyes can be open with a soft gaze on one spot, or closed. Please take care of yourself during this guided practice if it becomes too intense for you. If you move out of your challenge zone try opening your eyes and looking around your space, listening to sounds in the room, or feeling how your body is supported by the chair or whatever surface you are sitting or lying on. 

Take a moment to settle in and feel your breath or listen to the sounds in your space. (Pause) If you choose the breath, pay attention to the part of your body where your breath feels most comfortable for you—that could be at your nostrils, belly, or the rise and fall of your shoulders. Pay attention to that one place, and take a few slow breaths, feeling your breath. (Pause) Let any thoughts you might have fade away. (Pause) If your mind wanders, that’s okay. Gently bring yourself back to the present moment and put your attention on your breath or sounds. Continue to breathe naturally.

[Continue with whichever guided practice you are recording, starting after the note that ends with “and continue reading the script here…]

Where to Submit Your Recording

Please title your recording with the name of the LPG Guided Practice.


Scan this QR code to access the form on your smartphone or tablet.

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