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The Service Network Committee helps support the growth of the ACA Service Network. It is exciting to see groups come together to form Intergroups, and for Regions start to form. This committee is working on a service manual to share experience strength and hope from ACA members and groups world wide. For more information, please contact [email protected]

We meet on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month at 7PM ET. Please join us on Zoom at Meeting ID: 831 4682 1777  Passcode: 10049

  1. The Service Network Committee meets twice monthly to review feedback received on the Service manual.
  2. Send feedback to [email protected] - we will keep a document of all feedback received and its status  
  3. Feedback will be reviewed and additional updates and new content will be incorporated into the draft periodically.
  4. Updated drafts will be posted to the service network committee page on the Service website,
  5. Town Hall meetings will also be scheduled to encourage fellowship wide involvement.

The Concept Study Group

Interested in ACA Service and curious about how it works? The Concept Study Group meets on the third Sunday of every month, at 3PM Eastern via ZOOM to discuss the ACA Concepts of Service and explore how they impact both our service work and our personal recovery. There will be a lead share and then an open discussion. Zoom Details -       Meeting ID: 872 3223 2544  -  Passcode: 372756

Concept 1 -  January 17th, 2021 - Rich R - click for Audio Recording

Concept 2 - February 21st at 3PM Eastern - Cheryl F - Click for Audio Recording

Concept 3 - March 21st at 3PM Eastern - Mary Jo L - Click for Audio Recording

Concept 4 - April 18th at 3PM Eastern -  Marisa M - Click for Audio Recording

Concept 5 - May 16th at 3PM Eastern - Julianne V - Click for Audio Recording

Concept 6 - June 20th at 3PM Eastern - Jim R - Click for Audio Recording

Concept 7 - July 18th at 3PM Eastern - Kelle J- Click for Audio Recording

Concept 8 - August 15th at 3 PM Eastern – Sue V.- Click for Audio Recording

Concept 9 – September 19th at 3 PM Eastern – Greg R.- Click for Audio Recording

Concept 10 – October 17th at 3 PM Eastern – Sharon F.- Click for Audio Recording

Concept 11 – November 21st at 3 PM Eastern – Karin S.- Click for Audio Recording

Concept 12 – December 19th at 3 PM Eastern – Brigid L.- Click for Audio Recording


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