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2017 ABC Ballot Report

Hello Fellow ACA Members: The 2017 ABC was exciting and began a new era of involvement by the membership in determining the course the fellowship will take in the coming years. Your voices were heard last year at the 2016...

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ABC 2017 Audio Teleconference

The 2017 ABC will be available via Teleconference using the regular WSO dial-in details. The call may start and stop a number of times, so please call back in if you get dropped. We will keep the main segments like the proposal...

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ABC Committee Report – March 2017

The ABC Committee has had a busy year not only seeking a host for the 2017 ABC-AWC and assisting the committee in planning as well as being the board liaison, but also being proactive and soliciting bids to host the 2018 ABC-AWC...

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WSO Committees

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