The ABC Committee has had a busy year not only seeking a host for the 2017 ABC-AWC and assisting the committee in planning as well as being the board liaison, but also being proactive and soliciting bids to host the 2018 ABC-AWC outside the US in Toronto, Canada.

In addition, the ABC has undertaken the ambitious role of getting the delegate binder for the ABC prepared in advance and out to the delegates about 3 weeks in advance of the ABC instead of them showing up at the conference and receiving the 1-1/2 thick binder full of information right before they go into the conference.

The Vice-chair of the committee, Jim R, has done a great job of keeping us organized this busy year. My congratulations to him and the other members of the committee who stuck with it through hours of discussions surrounding the bid evaluations for both the 2017 ABC-AWC and the 2018 ABC-AWC. Thank you to Melani, David, Nancy, and Susan from San Diego. It has been a pleasure working you all and the others who helped out along the way. 

I see big things for the ABC Committee in the coming years as our ABC and World Convention begin to grow to accommodate the growth of this magnificent fellowship!