Teleconference Minutes
October 13, 2012


The regular meeting of the Board of Trustees of ACA WSO was called to order at 11:00 California time by Scott R, Interim Chair, and opened with The Serenity Prayer.

Board Members Present: Scott R., Interim Chair and Vice-Chair; Phyllis R., Treasurer; Joan B., Secretary; Karen, TN; Larry A., NY; Leanne, FL.

A.     Approval of Minutes

The minutes of the September 8th teleconference were unanimously approved as distributed Motion to approve by Joan B, seconded by Phyllis R.

B.     Reports

1.  ACA WSO Treasurer, Phyllis R.: The treasurer reported there was a current negative cash flow due primarily to extra expenses which are not expected to occur in October. See the full report in the Repository of the ACA WSO website.

2. ACA WSO Literature Committee, Larry A. (& Handbook/Translations): Larry stated his full report is available on the Repository at the website. The Meditation Book submissions are around 50 currently. He also reported having great volunteers to help with the ComLine.

3. WSO Office Report, DiAnne: The full report is posted in the repository on the website. She said September is the slowest month for sales. October pace has already picked up. The UPS Worldship launch is on hold while a price structure is pursued. All office personnel are trained on the Worldship program now.

4. ACA WSO Outreach Committee, Phyllis R.: Phyllis welcomed Vonnie to the committee. Dan from Oklahoma and Karen from Tennessee are working on this committee. There were 234 emails received by the Outreach Committee and they were distributed among these volunteers to respond to.

5. Website/database, Scott R.: The meeting list continues to grow, with 20+ added in September. Website activity is about the same as before. The Repository continues to grow in utilization, as the committee chairs can put their own reports on there. Leanne is helping move materials from the Forum to the Repository. Kelso is working on developing the backend of the system for meeting access. David, the webmaster for the meeting site, was sent an agreement which will be addressed later.

6. Hospitals & Institutions Committee, Joan B.: There were three BRB’s sent to Colorado for placement in libraries, and one sent to an inmate in California.

7. European Activity Report, Anja H.: Anja was not available, but Scott summarized information and reported that her report is on the website in the Repository.

8. Executive Committee Report: Action was taken on an Al-Anon Conference in Florida having made a donation. That check was returned as we cannot accept outside donations.

9. 2013 ABC Report-Jesper: He reported that the ABC meeting may be held in a small town outside Copenhagen. The venue would be a school who will allow us to use the room at no charge. Work continues on finalizing a venue and hotels. Someone from the Denmark Intergroup suggested having a help desk and a welcome package with local information for those coming in to Denmark.


C.   Old Business: None

D.     New Business:

Motion # 1: The WSO hereby acknowledges and approves the requests by George and Jeneane S for leave of absences for a period up to six months beginning with the date of their leave of absence requests, August 8, 2012.  (Scott)
Larry seconded the motion. Unanimously approved.

Motion #2: Approve the attached non-disclosure agreement between WSO and David M. regarding the use of David's software for the ACA meeting list. (See Attachment #1.) (Larry)
Discussion: David set it up years ago and is now giving it to ACA. This non-disclosure agreement is software protection for him. Unanimously approved.

Motion #3: That the current OPPM (last updated Oct 5, 2010) Section XII. ACA WSO LITERATURE be updated to include the following paragraphs per the attached document:
Paragraph XII.D. Policies for copying and distribution of WSO Books and Literature. (See Attachment #2). (Scott R.)
Paragraph XII.E. Translations of WSO Books and Literature. (See Attachment #2)
Larry seconded the motion. Unanimously approved.

Motion #4: That the WSO Board approve and welcome Leanne S. (of Florida) as a new WSO Board member (member-at-large). Further, that Leanne be authorized administrative level approval to the WSO web site to support the upcoming web site updates. (Scott)
Joan seconded the motion. Unanimously approved.

Motion #5: To approve the newly updated Literature Policy pamphlet for copying and distribution and discontinuing the existing Literature Policy trifold. (Larry)
Phyllis seconded the motion. Unanimously approved.
Discussion: Larry informed us that the existing pamphlet talks about “developing the Big Red Book”, which we have had now for six years. He has had various staff look at the new one, typos have been corrected, etc. He is now looking to have it formatted and finalized before discontinuing the current one.


Motion #6: To have the board make a decision as to how much money will be a part of each board’s assistance in attending the 2013 ABC in Denmark.  (Phyllis)
Joan seconded this motion.
Amended Motion: To have the board reimburse board members for Coach/Economy airfare to Copenhagen and up to three nights lodging expense at a reasonably priced hotel in the Copenhagen area. (Phyllis)
Friendly Amendment to Motion:  To have the board reimburse board members for Coach/Economy airfare to Copenhagen, reserved by the next Teleconference Meeting on November 10, and up to three nights lodging expense at a reasonably priced hotel in the Copenhagen area. Board members will pick up any additional expenses they incur such as food and transportation. (Larry)
Through discussion the original motion was amended, then a friendly amendment was offered. The friendly amendment was approved unanimously by the board.

Motion #7: To have the board authorize issuance of the amount of money determined to support board member travel to Denmark once the airline flight has been booked. (Joan)
Phyllis seconded this motion. Vote unanimously approved this motion.

Motion #8: To have deeper discussion on foreign book orders shipped. Two pallets have 480 books. A 20% discount may be offered if the minimum of two pallets were shipped. The Intergroup placing the order would be responsible for shipping and printing. This would be subject to the time the books are printed, which is being tied to printing ACA books for others. (Scott)
Larry seconded the motion.
Motion tables and to be re-presented to the board probably via email. Then the Executive Board would take official action and present their proposal to the full board.

MaryJo reported the Meditation committee has 50 meditations to date, and need about 50 more per month in order to have enough by next April for publication.

Guest Comments: Comments included expressions of appreciation for the work the board does. Vonnie, who assists with Outreach now, commented on being inspired by seeing meeting requests for Malaysia. MaryJo reported finding a draft form of an Intergroup book from 2005 on Traditions,

Meeting was adjourned at 12:45 by Scott R. and closed with the recitation of the Serenity Prayer.  

The next teleconference meeting will be at 11:00 PCT on November 10, 2012.

Minutes submitted by:                               Joan Bloom, Secretary
                              ACA/WSO Board of Trustees