Outreach Report for October 2012

I’ve been getting some requests regarding people wanting to attend our Denmark ACA.  That is encouraging.  Dear Danish ABC, you may need a lot of space

On occasion, I’ve also been getting requests from students wanting to know more about our 12 step program for a report that they are making either in high school or college.  I refer them to our web site and suggest they consider purchasing our text book.

This month we had 237 inquiries and 51 of those were for meetings and or how to set up a new meeting.  Both Vonnie and Karen have been responding to those with courtesy and candor.  Thanks to both of them. 

I’m beginning to get some ‘spam’ since we’ve gone back to the info email site, but not too many.  I can tell if they came in on that email address and most are easily deleted.  I also get people wanting us to align with them to ‘advertise’ on their web sites to ‘get’ more people.  I delete them. Some people want me to link with them on Linkin and others are advertising something or other.  Those people may get a response that we don’t align with any outside organization.

Phyllis R.

Outreach Chair