Outreach Report for May 2013


May has been an active month for Outreach. This report is a detailed report of every email and call in and out. It is super detailed, I will not report this way every month but I dedicated myself to it this month to see what we’re looking at.We had a total of 374 emails in and 358 emails out. Vonage accounted for 162 actions. The incoming calls were 52. This month for Vonage callbacks, I adopted the policy of calling back using my Skype account in order to maintain my anonymity and to avoid confusion where a member might think my cell phone is THE “WSO ACA Phone Number”. The majority of Vonages are “find a meeting” calls, I email meeting lists quite often because of those calls, and in one case this month I sent an envelope full of a member’s local meetings and Telephone/Internet Meeting lists that had no computer. Sometimes people write down all the meeting details that I read off for them because they have no computer too. 15 Templates were added this month for common responses. One focus for June is to use Templates more often.


Early May Karen and I met on the phone and discussed a new way for her to receive emails. I made a folder for her and inserted the types of emails that she was interested in receiving into her “Karen” folder. I forwarded her access to the site so that she could monitor her folder for activity whenever she wanted to. When there was something in it, she responded to it. It seemed to work easier than forwarding her emails every other week as was a previous technique. She could simply monitor the GoDaddy site herself, with her own folder. I contacted Majbrit and she agreed to contact me back when the time is right for her to get involved with Outreach. As of right now, Karen will be taking a temporary leave from Outreach.


We’ve seen action in the non US countries: the UK, France, Romania, Poland, Germany, Hungary, and Canada.


56-Meeting Locations
35-There was a spike for several days incoming and outgoing emails in relation to a single situation where the confidential “meeting contacts” emails were used for non ACA purposes.
33-Meeting updates (Intergroup and Groups)
32: Phone Meetings
17-Internet Meetings
11-Skype down (phone meeting related)
12-Office Order/UPS Related
9- Member banned
6-How to start a meeting
5-Audio Book
10-Literature how to find it
4-Person went to meeting that no longer existed
4-Unsafe Meeting
3-Sponsorship Questions
3-Store Questions
3-Proper 7th Tradition Donation amounts
2-Group Service Positions definitions requested
2-Religion/Atheist questions.
2-Comline where is it (1-How can I help)
2-a book offered to WSO and 2 songs
1-There is a long list of 1 hit topics for emails.

Other 12 Steps:

1-Survivor of Incest Anonymous
1-Clutterer’s Anonymous
1-What’s the difference between AA and ACA

Remarkable Events:

  • A member contacted us about a registered ACA meeting that appears to be non ACA.
  • Several members contacted us about the Website ACA Meeting Group Contacts on our website that are being used for non ACA purposes by a person. That caused 34 emails.
  • A member contacted us about a BRB she received that was mis-numbered (pages 104-153 were omitted; once the book got to 200 it started with 153 again instead of 201.
  • A member left a message stating that hearing impaired members by law should have an interpreter supplied to them at a meeting.

Trending Month (not including trash):
1st Wed 14
2nd Thur 12
3rd Fri 5
4th Sat 3
5th Sun 7
6th Mon 4
7th Tues 19
8th Wed 16
9th Thu 20
10 Fri 7
11th Sat 18
12th Sun 16
13th Mon 23
14th Tues 26
15th Wed 3
16th Thu 24
17 Fri 7
18th Sat 11
19th Sun 3
20th Mon 19
21 Tues 19
22 Wed 24
23rd Thu 24
24th Fri 3
25 Sat 5
26 Sun 5
27th Mon 11
28th Tues 18
29 Wed 10
30 Thurs 16
31 Fri 12

Trending Month Vonage:

1st Wed 4
2nd Thur 4
3rd Fri
4th Sat
5th Sun 0
6th Mon 1
7th Tues 2
8th Wed 6
9th Thu 4
10 Fri 2
11th Sat 1
12th Sun
13th Mon 2
14th Tues 2
15th Wed 1
16th Thu
17 Fri 1
18th Sat 5
19th Sun 2
20th Mon 2
21 Tues 3
22 Wed 3
23rd Thu 12
24th Fri 3
25 Sat
26 Sun
27th Mon3
28th Tues 5
29 Wed 10
30 Thurs 7
31 Fri 8

For an alphabetized list that shows what are the most active topics for May, see below:


ACA versus AA what’s the difference: 1
ACA explanation of program: 1
ACA Teen: 1
ACA Steps in personal book: 1
Audio Book: 5
Australia: 1
Atheist: 1
ABC Proposals: 1
Banners/Posters do we have them? 1
Book suggestion to WSO: 1
Bouncebacks: 2
Canada: 2
Chips/Medallions/Coins: 1
Coda Women’s Group-1
Comline where is it? 3
Comline Service: 1
Contact List: 1
Clutterers Anonymous: 1
Closed Meeting definition: 1
Crosstalk: 4
Events: 7
Forum where is it? 1
Germany: 2
Group Service positions defined: 2
Hawaii: 1
Hungary: 1
-find it: 10
-interpret it: 1
-Mis-numbered pages: 1 (pages 104-153 were blank and at 200 it repeated from 153 again)
-free Spanish: 1
Internet Meetings: 17
Intergroup Updates: 1
Phone Meetings: 31
-Skype not working for 4 days: 11
Meditation Book: 2
-locations: 56
-updates 33
-requirements: 1
-start meeting: 6
-fees: 2
-no longer there: 4
-Member Banned: 9
-Meeting Contact being used for non ACA purposes: 34
Office Related: 11
Poland: 1
Romania: 1
Referral Book updating ACA information: 1
Religion: 1
Songs offered to ACA WSO: 2
Sponsorship: 3
-Workshop: 1
Survivor’s of Incest Anonymous: 1
Store questions: 3
-credit cards: 1
Tony A: 1
Trash: 135
-proper donations: 3
Unsafe Meetings: 4
Therapy: 1
-French: 1
-German: 1
Webmaster Advice: 1
WSO service offer: 1
Volunteer at Office: 1
Unsubscribe from Spam: 1 (Guatemala website replied yes they will stop)