Teleconference Minutes

December 8, 2012


regular meeting of the Board of Trustees of ACA WSO was called to order by Scott
R, Interim Chair, and opened with The Serenity Prayer.

Members Present:  Scott R., Interim Chair; Phyllis R., Treasurer; Joan
B, Secretary; Larry A., Anja H., Mary Jo L., Karen., and Leanne, members at

A.      Approval of Minutes

minutes of the November 2012 teleconference were unanimously approved as

B.      Reports

1.  Treasurer –
Phyllis:  Her trip to the office was
successful.  She reported staff hours
less now, the handling fees for orders have been increased, Workers
Compensation Insurance is coming out monthly now rather than yearly.  The payroll this past month was down 4%
compared to last year  Her full report is
on the website.  Larry mentioned keeping
a prudent reserve to keep the office open.
Mary Jo reported that about 1/3 of the meditations needed for the
booklet have been received but more are needed.

2.  Literature – Larry
A:  He reported the full report can be
found on the website.  Larry also spoke
of the literature committee process so those listening on the call could
understand how it worked.  He also said
the E-book sales were 649 total since August 2013, with 182 being sold in

3.  Office/Distribution
Center – DiAnne:  She reported that at
different times they had no volunteers to help with the workload, but as of
this report there were usually 3 to 4 volunteering help now.  There has been a cost savings with the switch
to UPS for shipping.

4.  Outreach –
Phyllis:  She reported having 279
requests last month for information, 41 of those were for meetings.  The full report may be found on the website.

5.  Website/Database –
Scott:  He reported working often on the
Repository.  Web activity grew last month
by 14%.  Some meetings believed to be
inactive have been removed from the meeting list, and 1,122 are not listed as

6.  Hospitals &
Institutions (H&I) – Joan B:  One
order was shipped in November to a Salvation Army treatment center in
Cleveland, Ohio.  This order contained a
BRB along with 3 different trifolds.

7.  European Report –
Anja:  She reports the focus at this time
being the 2013 ABC.  No activity to
report on the European front.

8.  Executive
Committee:  This committee directed the
webmaster to delete meetings that didn't meet criteria, to sign a contract, and
to raise the minimum order on the Shopping Cart from $6 to $10.

ABC – Anja:  She reported
confirmation of the locations for the meeting and the hotels that are closest
to the meeting.  The meeting place has
room for 60 people.

C.      New Business

Motion 1:  To give the staff in the California office a
raise at this time and to give each of them a Christmas bonus  (Phyllis)

This motion was moot since the wages and gift items are
handled by the Executive Board.

Motion 2:  To ratify the decision of the ACA WSO Board
of Trustees to delist (712)-432-8808 phone line and its meetings from the
meeting list.  (Larry).

Phyllis seconded the motion.
Larry commented that it was a difficult decision to make.

Vote:  Ayes unanimous.

Motion 3:  To approve a pilot "seeding program of
delivering books abroad to the UK Intergroup where they will buy a bulk
shipment of books that will be sent directly from our printer, thus reducing
their shipping costs.  They will pay some
of the cost of the entire shipment up front and the balance in due course.  The Signal Hill Office staff will coordinate
and oversee the entire process.  (Larry).

Karen seconded the motion.
Larry reported that in speaking to Martin from the UK, that this should
be a one-time process.  Ten books have
already been spoken for.  Discussion
included concern over using this 'seeding' process for other overseas Intergroups
as it is setting a precedent.  Caution
will need to be used in the future if this process is used so that Intergroups
don't end up with more expense than they can cover.  Also mentioned was the WSO giving
consideration to producing books in foreign countries.  Vote:
Ayes unanimous

Motion 4:  To place the remaining 55 numbered Hard Cover
fellowship texts and the remaining 28 numbered Soft Cover fellowship texts on
the website to be sold for $25.00.

Larry seconded the motion.  He also
asked that one or two books be saved for posterity, so one hard cover and one
soft cover will be retained by the office for preservation.  Vote:
Ayes unanimous.

Motion 5:  To direct the office to sell the van that was
purchased for transporting mail to the post office.  (Phyllis)

Scott seconded this motion.
Larry commented that the van is a liability since it is not
licensed.  Vote:  Ayes, unanimous.


was adjourned at
by .
The next teleconference meeting will be
at 11:00 PCT on .

6:  I make a motion to combine and create
packages of materials:  The board should
consider having two combinations of orders:
1)  three related items:  one fellowship text, one workbook, and one
new meeting 3 ring binder.  It would be
called "Introductory Package".  This
would be offered at a discounted price that would be less than the total if
purchased separately.  This could be an
incentive to people.  The regular price
is $35 for individual purchase and the discounted price for the package would
be $30.  It will be a featured item on
the Shopping Cart.   2)  The tri-folds will be sold in packets of 20
at a cost of $3.00.  There will be no
combinations of topics of the tri-folds.

A minimum purchase order will be $30, up from $10, which matches number
one.  These would all have to include the
shipping and handling costs.  (Phyllis)

motion was tabled until next month.

Minutes submitted by:                               Joan Bloom, Secretary

Board of Trustees