Agenda Monthly Teleconference


Saturday, February 9, 2013

11:00 PST


Access number: 712-432-0075, Pin 427266#. Press *6 to mute or un-mute. Please notify the secretary with changes, additions, or motions for this meeting. 


Call to Order: Please be sure that any background noises in your area are eliminated since the sounds make it difficult for participants to hear. When speaking, please say your name first. This will help us record your name with
your input. Thank you
 Open with The Serenity Prayer


Recite Concept # 2 Authority for the active maintenance of our world services is hereby delegated to the actual voice, the effective conscience for our whole fellowship. 


  1. Roll Call:
    1. 1.Board Members Present:
    2. 2.Establish Quorum
    3. 3.Introduce Committee Chairpersons
    4. 4.Introduction of Guests: Welcome guests. After the introductions, we respectfully ask that guests hold their comments until the end of our meeting. To allow all of the visitors to have a chance to share, we will limit guest comments to 3 to 5 minutes. If someone needs to talk further, they may do so after the close of the meeting. Only board members may talk while we have discussions.  
  2. C.Minutes: Motion to approve the December 2012 and January 2013 Teleconference Minutes. (Joan)


  1. D.Monthly Reports (5 minutes each item)
    1. 1. ACA WSO Treasurer, Phyllis R.
    2. 2.ACA WSO Literature Committee, Larry A.
    3. 3.ACA WSO Office Report, DiAnne A.
    4. 4.ACA WSO Outreach Committee, Phyllis R.
    5. 5.Website/Database Report, Scott R.
    6. 6.Hospitals & Institutions Committee, Joan B.
    7. 7.European Activity Report, Anja H.
  2. 8.Executive Committee Report2013 ABC Report
  3. E.Old business:
    1. 1.Raise the minimum amount of an order to $30 from $10. (Phyllis)
    2. 2.Consider cancelling the AT&T services at the office for the answering machine
  4. F.New Business:

Motion #1: To accept the resignations of George Sessum, Board Chair, and Jeneane Sessum, prior Board treasurer, from the ACA WSO Board of Trustees. (Joan) Background Both George and Jeneane took a leave of absence from the board in August 2012 for six months. They have both now submitted their resignations from the board.

Motion #2: To fill the vacancy left by George’s resignation as Chair of the Board of Trustees. (Scott) Background: 1. The board could nominate and elect another current board member to serve as Chairperson during the remainder of the year (up thru the ABC). Scott would then return to his position as Vice-Chairperson. 

2. The board could nominate Scott to serve as the Chairperson during the remainder of the year. However, this action would vacate the Vice-Chair position, so another current board member would need to be elected for that position.

3. If the board takes no action, then Scott continues as the Interim Chair. However, the board really needs both a Chairperson and a Vice-Chairperson (trust Scott when he says it’s been hard and time-consuming serving as Interim Chair without a Vice-Chair), so he don’t consider just having an Interim Chair until the ABC as a good solution.

Motion #3: That the Public Information pamphlet be Board approved for presentation to the 2013 ABC. (Larry) Background: The Public Information pamphlet was requested by the 2012 ABC as a guide for groups to conduct public information activities.

Motion #4: To eliminate use of the paper order forms. (Joan) Background: DiAnne related that the issues they encounter for those 2-5 per week paper orders received here at the office (via Gloria’s weekly POB run)- plus the inquiries we get from folks asking about discrepancies between the paper order form versus the rates & info they see on Shopping Cart – is time consuming to manage.

DiAnne has especially noticed the remaining pain points in our order process- such as this one- are sticking out clearly & are more visible now that we are more fully operational on UPS Worldship/THub and have eliminated USPS Media Mail processing & the multiple touches it necessitated.  We now have many options in place to be able to give our Fellowship members such that the paper forms are no longer needed or necessary. We will work on a case-by-case basis to coach someone through a new way to order that does not include a paper form or mail-in order.


Motion #5:Motion: To nominate Vonnie to serve as a Board member. (Larry) 

Background: Vonnie found ACA in 2009. With no meetings in her town, she found ACA recovery on the Phone bridge. Over the next year she worked the Steps and attended meetings, accepting service positions chairing, coordinating and hosting marathons and Intergroup representative. After an 18 month period where she was unable to get o the phone bridge due to her carrier not allowing access, she’s done the Steps twice and works a vigorous program.

She’s attended 7 WSO Teleconference meetings, she’s a member of the Outreach Committee, is working to update the meeting database, is helping with the 2013 ACA Convention, helping the meditation book with weekly submissions, and enjoys providing service in a few behind the scenes way. Most recently, she’s started a face-to-face group in her town and a Google Group for Adult Children.

She has a degree in Elementary Education Music Minor ’82, is a Teacher though she works as a Customer Service Manager for Swingset Company.

As a professional customer service manager for 10 years, she’s a professional problem solver. She has extraordinary organizational abilities (literally 146 IQ Binet) and has logged 27,000 miles under her belt as a proud 6 year non-car-owning-bicycling-commuter. Oh, and she has a black belt too.


Motion #6: To obtain insurance for unexpected injuries for volunteers in our warehouse or have them sign a waiver of responsibility for WSO. (Phyllis)

Background: Currently ACA WSO holds no insurance coverage for expenses related to injuries of volunteers at the office.

Motion #7: To raise the price of our trifold brochures from .20 to .25 (Joan)

Background:The margin report distributed to the Board shows the whole category of negative-Gross Margin/Gross Margin% Literature items; which are all trifolds (& they are the only negative margin item in our catalog). To staunch the continual losses on this category of items an increase in the trifold price is recommended. This is not excessive, it is necessary to bring this category in line margin-wise, This has been discussed by DiAnne and Patricia to stem the loss on trifolds. DiAnne is taking additional measures ASAP to cut our costs with the trifolds as well, on the procurement side.


Guest Comments: 3 to 5 minutes each

Announcements:   If you have not already done so, please register for the ABC if you are attending.


Close with the Serenity Prayer


Submitted by Joan B., ACA WSO Secretary