Teleconference Minutes

January 12, 2013


regular meeting of the Board of Trustees of ACA WSO was called to order at 11:03 PST, by Scott R, Interim Chair, and opened with The Serenity Prayer.

Concept #1 was read by Scott R.

Members Present:   Scott R., Phyllis R., Joan B., Larry A., Mary Jo, Karen, Leanne.


Committee Members Present:  Scott, Website/Database; Phyllis R., Treasurer and Outreach; Joan, H&I; Larry,
Literature; Distribution Center/Office, DiAnne A.

A.     Approval of Minutes

The minutes of the December meeting were not available for approval, but are expected to be available for approval at the February teleconference.

B.      Reports

1.  Treasurer, Phyllis R:  She reported being very grateful to Patricia Willshire the WSO accountant for her ssistance. The complete report is in the Repository on the website.

2.  Literature, Larry A:  He reported sales of the E-book at 182 for the month of December 2012.  His full
report is on the Repository.  Mary Jo
reported that 47% of the meditations needed for the book have been received.

3.  Distribution Center/Office, DiAnne A:  Her full report can be found on the Repository.  Continued work with UPS has
been done to bring the website up to full use of that company for shipments.  Domestic use of UPS has been
fully launched on the Shopping Cart.  One of the next items is to get the tiers of discounts on GoDaddy Shopping Cart so
customers can see them.  Hopefully UPS will have that completed in 2 to 6 weeks.  She continues to work with UPS to determine other options to increase cost savings that will work both on the domestic side and the international
side.  The new methods of processing orders has cut the amount of “touches” by 30 to 50%.

4.  Outreach, Phyllis R.:  No report.  She hopes to complete the report soon and put it on the Repository.

5.  Website/Database, Scott R:  The full report is on the Repository.  The number of registered meetings is about
the same.  Kelso continues to work on updating the Access database.

6.  Hospitals & Institutions (H&I), Joan:  No report

7.  European Activity Reports, Anja H:  No report

8.  Executive Committee Report, Scott:  No report

9.  2013 ABC Report:  No report this month.

C.  Old Business

Motion from December Teleconference tabled until
1) Consideration of combining materials for orders, creating an “Introductory Package”, 2) Tri-folds being sold in packets of 20 for $3.00.  No combinations of various tri-folds in these packets, 3) raising the minimum amount of an order to $30 from $10. (Phyllis)

Leanne seconded this motion.

Item #1 was approved unanimously after much discussion.

Item #2 was dropped.

Item #3 was tabled until the February 2013 Teleconference.  A friendly amendment was offered by Larry to decrease the minimum order amount to $25, down from the suggested $30.

D.     New Business

Motion #1)  To approve an expenditure of $139 to have
a Serbian ‘ACA is…’trifold reviewed
by Tampa, and $20 to have it laid out by Robin.

Joan seconded this motion.  Vote:  Approved unanimously.

Motion #2)  To have a discussion on how much we need to
charge for UPS shipping and handling charges.

Motion tabled until the February teleconference so that more information can be gathered.

Motion #3)  To authorize a board member to make contact
with the law firm that was being used in connection with the copyright application of the words “Adult Children of Alcoholics” sought by the 2012 ABC.

Phyllis seconded this motion and authorized Larry as contact person for fulfillment of this motion.  Vote:  Ayes, 6; Noes, 0, Abstain, 1 (Larry).

Motion #4)  To pay the legal fees of $1,270 associated
with the copyright application of the words “Adult Children of Alcoholics” sought by the 2012 ABC

Leanne seconded the motion.  Vote:  Ayes carried, motion passed.

Motion #5)  Consider cancelling the AT&T services at
the office for the answering machine.

This motion was tabled.

Motion #6)  Adding to the first page of the Shopping Cart
on the website information about minimum order requirement, quantity discounts,
and shipping charges in an effort to have customer aware of these prior to placing their orders.  (MaryJo)

Joan seconded this motion.  MaryJo amended this motion to have a couple of general lines informing of the quantity
discounts, minimum order requirements, and shipping charges.  Vote: Ayes carried.

Motion #7)  That trustees Larry and MaryJo will visit
the Signal Hill office in February and be reimbursed for airfare, hotel, car rental, and reasonable food expenses.
That the Signal Hill office staff be invited to the office for an
informal brunch on Sunday, February 10, 2013, in the late afternoon on Sunday, if at all possible.  That the Signal Hill
office staff be made available to meet with Larry and or MaryJo, if at all possible.

Phyllis seconded the motion and added to the motion that Larry and MaryJo look into the phone needs in the office for Phyllis. Vote:  Ayes, 5; Noes, 0; Abstain, 2 (Larry and MaryJo).


Meeting was adjourned.  The next teleconference
meeting will be at 11:00 PCT on February 9, 2013.

Minutes submitted by:    Joan Bloom, Secretary

ACA/WSOBoard of Trustees