The regular meeting of the Board of Trustees of ACA WSO was called to order at 2:00 p.m. EST by Larry A, Chairman, and opened with The Serenity Prayer.

Concept VI was read by the Chairman

Board Members Present: Larry A., Joan B., MaryJo L., Karen R., Vonnie G., Allen C., and Leanne S.

Quorum established.

Committee Chairpersons present: Joan B, Hospitals and Institutions; Vonnie G, Outreach; MaryJo L, Treasurer Committee; Larry A., Literature, Diane, ACA WSO Home Office and Distribution Center; Majbrit M, European Committee; Scott R, Webmaster; and Martin C, Social Media Working Group

Welcomed Guests: Guests who chose to introduce themselves were from Chicago, Montana, Arizona, New York and the UK.

I. Approval of Minutes: A motion was made by Karen, 2nd by Joan to approve the minutes of the May 11, 2013 teleconference minutes.  Motion carried. Minutes approved.

II. Monthly Reports:

         A. Treasurer (MaryJo):     We now have a Treasurer Committee, welcome Allen C, Trustee and Martin C.   Availability to QuickBooks by the committee will help get a long range financial picture (past and present) for planning. The balance sheet shows appropriate marking of funds for expected expenditure. Seventh Tradition donations for May were down and partially due to expenditures related to the ABC, our Income and Expenses reflect the net income for May was in the negative. A full report can be found on the Repository.

     B. Literature (Larry):   Many topics were discussed in the Literature Report, which would include e-BRB sales, Book Seeding Projects, standardized literature looks, new pieces of literature, and translations. A full report can be found on the Repository.

         1. Meditation Book (Mary Jo): A target goal of 2 weeks has been set to have the Daily Meditation Book posted on our website for the 90 day fellowship review.

         2. Spanish Translations (Inez): They have 7 chapters of the BRB outstanding for translation. Her subcommittee has reduced from 5 volunteers to 3, but they continue to make progress.

     C. ACA WSO Office Report (Diane): We continue to have difficulty reaching agreement between our various internet interfaces which interferes with an accurate display of pricing and shipment costs to our fellowship. Weekly teleconference meetings with Board members continues for special topics. Our BRB is in its twelfth printing. A full report, including detailed sales, comparisons, and inventory charts can be found on the Repository.

         1. Progress on Special Office Tasks: (Larry)

              a. A letter requesting relocation of a group that has been using the WSO warehouse as a meeting space has been sent.

              b. Prices were adjusted and single order items were eliminated to increase efficiency. (Tri-folds ship in bundles of 10)

     D. ACA WSO Outreach Committee (Vonnie): Received 536 emails. Continues to adapt ways to maintain personal anonymity with Vonage via Skype call backs; continues to provide service to people who have no computer access. Outreach committee is down one volunteer due to temporary leave of Karen. Main volume of calls continue to be about meeting location, updates and types of meetings as well as issues of confidentiality. Added and hope to use templates more often for the more common inquiries. A full report can be found on the Repository.

     E. ACA Website/Database Committee (Scott): There is a procedure posted on the Repository that enables people to connect to our teleconferences via their computers without using Skype. We are up to 1,182 registered ACA meetings. Some meeting listings have been restored to our referral’s page after providing us with the required person of contact information. A lot of training has been provided this month in regards to repository posting and email relays for the new board members. Continue to update and upgrade our operating systems and have heard from several volunteers hoping to help with web design that would be more up to date with graphics and easier to navigate. A full report can be found on the Repository.

     F. Hospitals and Institutions (Joan): With help from committee member, Marti, plans are being made to encourage Intergroups to establish local H & I committees which could include holding ACA meetings or distributing the BRB and/or other ACA WSO Conference approved literature to various institutions. Also shared receipt of a letter from a prison inmate expressing sincere and personal gratitude for the BRB made available in their institution. A full report is available on the Repository.

     G. European Committee (Majbrit): There seems to be a desire to participate in developing cooperation between countries as the network and fellowship strengthens. There is discussion of the development of an ACA Office in Europe. ACA events are being planned in Finland, Denmark, England; people from Holland and Germany have been added to the email list. There also hopes to be involvement with ACA Outreach through Vonnie. A full report may be found on the Repository.

     H. Social Media Working Group (Martin):(taken from Item 1 on the Agenda) This committee which was formed at the 2013 ABC has named Martin C as its chairperson and they have been meeting/communicating as a group to discuss issues of media and the Traditions and anonymity. There are currently 4 volunteer trusted servants in this group and discuss items as referred by the board.

     I. Executive Committee (Larry): The Executive Committee approved with full board agreement, to buy QuickBooks Premier for $245 before the discount expired on 5/28/13. It will be stored in our accountant’s vault and will allow up to three people access to financial reports. An upgrade should not be required for three years.

III. Old Business

     A. A motion was made by Larry as Literature Chairman and 2nd by MaryJo to approve the expenditure of $2,960 for the audio version of the BRB. (The company agreed to cap the total cost at $5,000) Motion Carried.

IV. New Business

     Motion #1 made by Larry and 2nd by Karen: To nominate Majbrit M as Chairperson of the European Committee. Motion Carried.

     Motion #2 made by Larry as Literature Chair and 2nd by Joan: To approve the expenditure of $4,530 to produce 2,000 each of the “Cross Talk” and “Good Enough” booklets (5 1/2 x 8″), and place them for sale at $4 each. Motion Carried.

     Motion #3 made by MaryJo and 2nd by Allen: To authorize the donation of the van to Wheels for Wishes. Motion Carried.

     Motion #4 made by Larry and 2nd by MaryJo: To approve the purchase of a Biometric Scanner for the Distribution Center. An amendment to the motion, by MaryJo, adds, “Our accountant has offered to pay $250 of the cost. Our remaining balance could be approximately $300 more. Amended Motion Carried.


V. Guest Comments: Marti (Montana) urged caution to double check ownership in writing regarding the master copy of the audio BRB; Majbrit (Denmark) was able to share ESH regarding ACA Teen meetings and some of the difficulties in getting them started; Martin (England) discussed in brief the teleconferences with the Social Media group as well as events upcoming in Finland that hope to get posted on the website; Appreciation and encouragement was offered to the new board by Phyllis and Scott (AZ) as well as from other guests.

VI. Announcements: The Spanish phone bridge meetings are celebrating their 1st year anniversary.

The next ACA WSO Monthly Teleconference is scheduled for July 13, 2013 at 2:00 p.m. EST

VII. Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at approximately 3:15 p.m. E.S.T. by the Chairman.

Respectfully Submitted;

Karen Ragan, Secretary

ACA WSO Board of Trustees