I have to make this report a bit personal, because I promised my Inner Child that I would NOT be Secretary for the ACA WSO. I am Secretary for the ACA WSO. And Larry is our new Chairman, Joan is our new Vice-Chairperson, and MaryJo is our new Treasurer. The 2013 Annual Business Conference proceeded as it should, with terms of service being rotated, a turning of the soil, so to speak, as our garden of Hope in this fellowship grows. Familiar faces and leadership styles stepped down from the executive board; Scott and Phyllis, our Chair and Treasurer will be sorely missed, but we wish only good things to follow in their paths. Same way with Anja, one of our Trustees who stepped down. Anja served greatly as a European Connection to our board and we certainly appreciated her tireless efforts to insure that our first out of country ABC would be a success---And it was.

There were 34 voting delegates and over 60 attendees representing 13 nations, bringing true the description of a "worldwide fellowship." The WSO Board sat in the "u" of the horseshoe arrangement with flags of each represented country respectfully displayed before us as a bouquet of intention. And our intention was service work, listening to and providing guidance by way of experience, strength and hope, holding all ideas up to the light of our Traditions. Ten of sixteen proposals had passed 2/3 vote of our fellowship to come for discussion. Of those proposals, 4 passed, 5 failed and one was deemed moot.   We shall continue to search for ways to reduce costs of postage and shipping (2013-2); We shall make efforts to create a piece of literature with suggestions on creative ways to implement workbook studies (2013-8), and I might mention here that the Finnish people had many volunteers come forward with hopes of helping on this task. They've sold about 1000 of the Finnish language BRBs and are about to go in for their 2nd printing! We also will work on developing a guide for the development and growth of ACA groups---several volunteers came forward to work with 2013-15; and regarding the plausibility of incorporating Social media (2013-16), we also will be going forward with the assessment of that issue.

There truly is no way to give a thorough report in the time and space here, but the experience was phenomenal.   There was so much communication between so many hearts that language hardly seemed a barrier. I really was able to understand the significance of translations, as we were reminded that for many, their Inner Children do not think in English. It was wonderful talking and listening and walking through the beautiful city of Copenhagen, appreciating the restaurants that could accommodate 30+ folks at a time where we sat for hours sharing about meeting issues of domineering personalities or low attendance or no volunteers---hmmm....same story, different soil. One person from Finland shared that because of ACA, she "understands now being responsible for my actions today and being merciful to myself."  

We had a wonderful speaker, PiPi...I hope I have the name correct...came and shared her personal story of struggles with abandonment, but the path of personal growth and recovery. We also heard some of Scott's story, our outgoing Chair---It is hard to imagine being involved in this fellowship that had to shut down the doors, had to close the office due to lack of funds, lack of people willing to be of service. We also had a meeting after the meeting, where we all gathered informally to discussed what worked...and what didn't...how we can continue to be of service, how we can grow in the fellowship, and within our selves.

The most impactful moment for me came with the meeting's end. Each group of represented countries spoke the "Serenity Prayer" in their native tongue. One could feel the healing energy of healing children who have grown up like us...in spite of wounds of fear and abandonment, wanting to make the world a better place.

Respectfully Submitted

Karen Ragan, ACA WSO Secretary

May 11, 2013 Teleconference