ACA WSO Web/database Report for the February 2013 Teleconference.

I was going to make this short, but as I wrote, I realized how busy this month has been. Lots of web related activities going on (no wonder I’m so tired).

The web site activity continues to grow, though at the moment I can’t tell you the level of growth. GoDaddy (our hosting activity) has dropped the Site Analysis Tools used to report the web activities, so I’m currently unable to get the level of analysis previously available. I’m looking at alternate log evaluation packages in order to resume these reports, but in the meantime, web activity reports such as previously provided remain unavailable.

The number of registered meetings on the meeting list remains about the same as last month (up to 1130 as compared to 1127 last month). This number includes 17 new meetings being registered, plus another 108 meeting updates being processed during January. Once again, Gloria has been busy processing all these entries.

I continue to update the layout of the “Repository”, including moving the critical information currently on the forum to the Repository, and working with the WSO Board and Committee chairs in putting their Teleconference reports into the Repository.

I continue to work with the ABC Committee to keep the web site’s ABC page current with the latest information. The web site was updated to include the 16 proposals received, and to allow meetings and Intergroups to submit group conscience ballots either online or by snail-mail. Emails were sent out to all meeting and Intergroup Points of Contact (POC) announcing this availability and with instructions to access the web page and ballots. Thus far, we have received 3 ballot responses as well as 33 registrations. With the cutoff date not until April 15, I expect many more to be received in the coming weeks.

Kelso continues with the development for the “back-end” of the meeting update software. This will ultimately replace the current online meeting and Inter Group registration forms as well as the MS Access database held at the office. This will greatly simplify the meeting update process and should integrate well with the ”front-end” web meeting list once that is transferred from to

Based on board approval, I have completed the Non-Disclosure Agreement proposed by David and have sent him a copy. Due to my workload, I’ve asked Kelso to work with David in moving the meeting list from the domain to our domain.

I’ve been in contact with Jason (Jay) of Pay Pal, who has provided us a proposal to reduce our QSC processing fees by switching from the Merchant Account to the Pay Pal Exchange. With Jay’s help, Pay Pal finally acknowledged and changed our account to a non-profit status, which makes them quite competitive with Intuit’s Merchant Account. Hopefully, the switch will also clear up some of the processing problems we’ve experienced between the QSC and the Merchant Account (often requiring a manual override by me to correct). Pending approval of today’s motion to make the switch, I plan to work with Jay, Patricia, and our office staff as needed to implement the change later this week. With the switch to a non-profit status finally made, Pay Pal also refunded us $4,111.46 for the Pay Pal fees charged at the normal rates since my earlier application to Pay Pal (in 2010) for the non-profit status.

I continue to work with the staff to get the UPS and T-HUB processes implemented (though most of that work of late has been primary by the office staff – thank you DiAnne and Vivian). While the QSC has facilitated many improvements in our literature and book sales to expand exponentially, we have also found areas in the program needing improvement – especially as it relates to the UPS implementation. I also continue to liaison with GoDaddy (owner of the QSC software) to resolve these various inconsistencies that we’ve experienced with the QSC.

Scott R.

ACA WSO Webmaster