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Reports (Click to view): 1) March “Total Sales and Units Per Product”, 2) Comparisons for “Total Sales/Units per Product” from the past seven months, June 2012 through March 2013

Sales: Highlights for the month of March activity include 877 Hardcover Texts, 907 Workbooks, 142 Softcover Texts, 703 “Newcomer” booklets & 683 “Welcome” Chips shipped.

Other critical business:

> Continued UPS WorldShip pricing roll-out into Go Daddy Quick Shopping Cart-

A carry-over from February & March reports: We continue to experience a delay in utilizing our additional shipping discounts via UPS on the Customer Side of Quick Shopping Cart as Go Daddy has not yet made the UPS discounted pricing module available through their platform. As such, Fellowship members are not able to view or select more deeply discounted shipping options through Shopping Cart. UPS made the pricing module available to Go Daddy in late January, & Scott continues to work with Go Daddy to determine an effective date for this addition. The impact to Office Staff includes increased call and email volumes and order processing inefficiency related to price update delays.   <editorial note: as of this week, 04/10/2013, we’ve learned from GoDaddy they do not have plans to implement UPS pricing updates any time in the foreseeable future; as these updates translate to visible Shipping Rate discounts our customers would see over Shopping Cart, we are moving forward to explore options with UPS)

Follow-up Items from March TeleConference Action Items:

1) shipping of new item “Tri-fold Assortment” Item#101-3 (added by Scott R following Mr TeleConf); 16 Units were sold in the half-month of March of this assortment of all 16 existing/current trifold titles (shipped “flat”)

2) ** a.“Bundling” of Tri-folds & shipping “flat” – Trifold titles on all sales reports for March are highlighted as sales figures are inaccurate- due to change over mid-month from “single” units to “10-pack” units (mixed increments in report for March only)

2) ** b.“Bundling” of Tri-folds & shipping “flat” cont— Warehouse Staff have had to completely revamp how they store, pull, package & ship trifolds as 1) trifolds are now shipped “flat” rather than tri-folded –and- 2) trifolds are now shipped in groups of ten rather than singly. What we are finding is that much more packaging material is required when shipping a “flat” set of papers rather than trifolded paper such that the sheets are not bent or crinkled. We are still experimenting with ways/packaging to both protect the Trifold pak’s yet also be time efficient in packing.

3) Vonage porting of the former Verizon 562 Area Code “Office” line was completed at month-end; the line has been set up on Visual VM such that all calls not fielded “live” at the office come to us via emailed transcript w’recorded VM attached. Porting of the old “unmanned” 310 Area Code via ATT had not yet been completed at month-end <editorial note: as of this week, 04/10/2013, final porting was complete; all Vonage Account info passed to Larry A for set-up & process flow updates>



> UPS1) is working up shipping estimates for moving the Inventory of Finnish Texts from the Signal Hill Distribution Center to the Finn’s Intergroup; 2) UPS Tech has scheduled an appointment to review Quick Shopping Cart setup onsite such that we may identify a workaround to Go Daddy’s failure to implement discounted Domestic & International Shipping Costs via UPS Mail Innovations/SurePost

> Inventory– We took a Full Physical on Monday April 1st for March close-of-business; results were sent to Patricia and the Executive Committee.


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DiAnne – and Vivian, Danielle, Kristina, Taylor, Trudy, Kim & Gloria