April 2013 Outreach Report


I hit the ground running with the combination of becoming the Interim Outreach Chairperson position where I answered and forwarded informational emailed requests in addition to the new Vonage phone messaging system. Now officially as Chairperson, I check the GoDaddy Inbox and the Vonage site several times a day calling back and emailing replies on the same day they come in. I am cooperating with the Signal Hill office with a system where I leave office messages in the queue and remove all the others as I take care of them. 


In the GoDaddy Inbox we can get 15 requests in one day, on other days we can get 2. The average is 5 or 6 a day. In April, the amount of “Sent” emails is 297. 


The addition of the Vonage portion has increased the service position by 20-30% roughly. This month we received 28 calls since we started getting calls in the 3rd week. In most cases when a person leaves a message, they have a request that is answerable with an email. I make an email draft, I call them back and when they answer the phone I ask them for an email address and I send them the email that I drafted in response to their voice message. If no one answers and I get their voicemail, I leave the Outreach email address on their voicemail, so that they can email me for the awaiting drafted email that answers their voice message. I tag the subject line with their phone number, the word Vonage and an additional key word so I know easily which is which. This month since Vonage was new, I moved all Vonage related items to one folder to track the amount, in that folder are 111 items. I made 29 calls due to the Vonage portion since the middle of April. I’ve taken my Customer Service skills and applied them to calling back ACA members; I’m learning as I go.  


I am amazed at the amount of the Meeting Update Requests that I forward to Gloria, on the average 2 to 4 a day.  There have been many requests for starting new meetings in small town America and all over the world. That’s one of my favorite parts of the position. 


The newest addition is the idea of linking Europe into ACA Outreach with the wonderful addition of Majbrit. I will do my best to do what was done for me; I was taught, I learned, and surely I can teach what I’ve learned. I look forward to the Outreach Committee “post ABC” as we learn and grow together.


One of my greatest gratitudes is to myself; that I have worked my ACA program as hard as I have before volunteering, I’ve needed to know every bit of that information. I’m also glad that WSO requires Teleconference meetings and committee participation. I slowly learned the nuts and bolts with those Teleconference meetings, with the great help of Phyllis, the outgoing Chairperson and from the help from the Board. It was a challenge while everyone was “away” at the ABC, but we muddled thru beautifully. I’m looking forward to another great month in May because we’re off to a great start!


Striving for one Primary Purpose,


Vonnie G