Teleconference Minutes
April 13, 2013
Opening:  The regular meeting of the Board of Trustees of ACA WSO was called to order at 11:03 PST by Scott R, Chair, and opened with The Serenity Prayer.

Concept 4 was read by Scott R.

Board Members Present:   Scott R., Phyllis R., Joan B., Larry A., Mary Jo, Karen, Leanne, and Vonnie.   Quorum established.
Committee Members Present: Scott, Website/Database; Phyllis R., Treasurer and Outreach; Joan, H&I; Larry, Literature; Distribution Center/Office, DiAnne A.

A.  Approval of Minutes:  The minutes of the March 2013 meeting were approved.
B.      Monthly Reports

1. Treasurer, Phyllis R: She reports $4,249.27 in Seventh Tradition donations last month. The accountant for ACA is doing the taxes. For a full report see the Repository.

2. Literature, Larry A: See his full report on the Repository. He mentioned the UK seeding for shipment of the BRBs. 252 Ebooks were sold in March.

3. Distribution Center/Office, DiAnne A: Her full report can be found on the Repository. She reports that Go Daddy has not yet updated the UPS rates into Shopping Cart. The bundling and shipment of trifolds in packages of 10 has begun.

4. Outreach, Phyllis R.: She expressed gratitude for the assistance from Vonnie and Karen this past month. Her full report is on the Repository.

5. Website/Database, Scott R: The full report is on the Repository. The number of registered meetings continues to grow. Ballots received for discussion at the ABC number from 120 meetings.

6. Hospitals & Institutions (H&I), Joan: Small orders were shipped out. After the ABC work will begin again on contacting Intergroups for work on H&I projects in their communities.

7. European Activity Reports, Anja H: No report

8. Executive Committee Report, Scott: No report

9. 2013 ABC Report: No report this month.

C.      New Business

Motion #1: That ACA WSO purchase a computer (laptop or desktop) for the use of the Outreach Coordinator. (Larry, Phyllis
Mary Jo seconded the motion. The Outreach coordinator stepping up to replace Phyllis reported that she has received a desk and a monitor but now needs the CPU.
Friendly Amendment to Motion #1: Keep the computer as WSO property. Spend no more than $600 to purchase. A laptop can be purchased and should have a one year maintenance agreement with it.
The Motion, as amended, passed unanimously.

Motion #2: For the ACA WSO Board of Trustees to provide guidance on any concerns about anonymity and possible Tradition concerns regarding making a video of a Sponsorship workshop by a group. The group would like to put this video, (or audio, whichever is the best to protect anonymity), on YouTube, the ACA WSO website, and offer it directly to other ACA communities to use to promote sponsorship. (Phyllis) MaryJo seconded.
Discussion indicated uncertainty about anonymity and was tabled for discussion at the May TC.

Motion #3: To have a Literature table at the 2013 ABC with trifolds, pamphlets, Fellowship Texts, and Workbooks for sale using the U.S. Dollar. (Phyllis)
Discussion indicated that the host city or group should keep the proceeds from such sales. If someone is willing to sit at the table and sell the items, this could be done. Leanne stated she would carry the items to the ABC.
Friendly Amendment: To have two sets of materials for display only at the ABC. Each set will consist of one each of the trifolds, one each of the pamphlets, one BRB and one workbook.
Vote: Ayes unanimous, Motion passed.

Motion #4: An informal motion to establish a selling price for Finnish BRB’s in various conditions.
Results: The books in pristine condition will sell for more than the books that are cosmetically damaged.   Vote: Ayes unanimous, Motion carried.

Guest Comments: Guests on the TC were from Oklahoma, CA, NY, and the UK. Allen from Ok City, OK and Martin from the UK have both attended the required number of TCs to qualify for Board membership.

Meeting was adjourned by Scott. The next teleconference meeting will be at 11:00 PCT on May 11, 2013.

Minutes submitted by:      Joan Bloom, Secretary