July Outreach Report

Oh boy, what a big month for typing and returning calls! We usually average 300 in and 300 out for a month. For the month of July we got 500 in and I sent 352 out and we received 96 voicemails which I returned using Skype for my anonymity. Because of sending out the “points of contact letter” there was one day where there were 55 emails in and 41 emails out on that day.

Helping someone to turn on the ACA Light bulb in a dark place is one of my favorite parts of this service. There are many towns without ACA, and the Telephone and Internet Meetings are a wonderful resource for that. But, it gives me a thrill to help someone start a meeting. And I can’t express my thanks to ACA to have the ability to help a country turn the light on. Many ACA members are working toward starting meetings all over the US.

ACA is a worldwide fellowship and in July we heard from:

Wales Munich Puerto Rico Russia Columbia Peru a Lithuanian meeting in London Australia Thailand New  Zealand Ireland Canada Ukraine Denmark

In July, the ACA light was turned on for the first time in the countries of:



Puerto Rico

Because of an invitation emailed to outreach, ACA will be represented at a conference in Puerto Rico. These are exciting times to be a part of service to watch the fellowship grow.

Outreach is currently working in tandem with Public Information and Hospitals and Institutions to 1) find the most helpful way to serve the public and help them find their way to ACA and 2) once they get here, to help members find resources so that they can serve their own needs. We’ve met and discussed how to do this and we will continue meeting. As the website is developed, we will have a say in what we would like Member and Public Services to look like.

I look forward to another opportunity to serve in August.