The Progress Notes are being submitted by the Office Manager and the participating Board members so that the fellowship is apprised of the Staff and Board’s ongoing effort to effectively and efficiently discharge their duty to serve the fellowship by carrying the message to the adult child that suffers.

Progress Notes
Weekly Office Meeting
August 1, 2013
Opened at 3:12 pm EST
Present: Chair, Treasurer, Trustee and Office Manager.
Donate the Van – The receipt received by Patricia showed DiAnne and Christina were the owners.  Need to correct that so that we can show we were the owners of the van.
Shredding Project: Still waiting for company to shred on-site.  Bang delivery forced them to reschedule.
Get My Time – Treasurer still working on this project.  Trustee working on job description that will inform the task list.
File cabinet – In two weeks, Chair will ask Accountant to send the information that needs to be locked up.
New meeting packets – Staples determined just over $7 to pre pack minus coins, sheet protectors and booklets.  Staff will forward quote to Board for approval.
Shrink wrap machine: Staff will start investigating.
Volunteers – Volunteer did not keep the commitment.
Office Report: July’s report, to be done in the traditional way, will be issued by August 5th. Staff send a couple of extra QSC reports for the Treasury Committee. 
Mismatch of Physical Inventory Figures: Staff, Treasurer and Accountant had a conference call. Patricia sent her notes. Staff will review to be sure they have the same understanding.
Tracking Financial data: Treasury committee exploring different cost centers to get a better snapshot of expenses.
Approval of Schedule of hours – Staff to send schedule for new time period to Treasurer by tomorrow and cc Chair.
Chair contact with Staff Members – started and will make calls to the Office to have contact with individual Staff members.  
Biometric scanner: Scanner is not fully functioning due to quirks and vacations schedule.  After all is working properly, will review process of upgrading internet service to a static IP address to allow treasurer and accountant to access data directly.
Unemployment Claims: Letter was obtained by Accountant and responded per Board’s instructions.
Warehouse Shelving – Staff to begin inquiries in August or September. Know of someone who will help assess needs. Moved up on the priority list because of time needed to get eventual approval of whatever plan is decided and if approved, will need time to get it installed before placing future orders. Staff will get vendor names, costs, etc. charge – Treasurer following-up
New Website Wish List:  Asked Staff to think about their wish list for a new website.  Wish list includes all the things that are related to the missing pieces in the current shopping cart, including emails, adjustments, questions, etc.   
Freight Forwarding:  Treasurer had some concerns about the credit application that we are being asked to complete because it appears to be for a credit card/line of credit that has added fees that we don’t want.  Staff will set up a conference call with Treasurer and vendor to find out what we need to do here.  There is a new order from the Swedes and Staff will offer them options that may bring down shipping prices.
Purchase Order System – Staff will discuss tomorrow and talk to webmaster about how to implement Board “cash” transactions in the system.  Staff’s previous expenditure limit for purchases that didn’t need approval was $200 for single items and $500 for multiple items.
Seeding Project:  Staff and Chair to communicate printing cycles to Intergroups so they can plan to participate in the Seeding Project.  Need to do this by October.
Meditation Book:  5,000 meditation books would take 2 pallet.  Will potentially have space for more because of the depletion of the current inventory. Also making sure there is room for the order for the new booklets from Seaside. 
Closed with Serenity Prayer at 4:33 pm EST