European report

Hi All

I have sent letters off to try to establish contacts with different countries. I’m still waiting for a response from most countries.

I am told that in several countries trying to establish an inter-group, here during the autumn. I have sent out letters on activities in the respective countries (Finland – Uk)

In Denmark we have our next intergroup meeting on 25 August, Here there will be a proposal to work on getting the European headquarters in Copenhagen. I know from Larry that somebody in Holland is working towards the same goal. So I follow the development.

Liisa from Finland writes to me: We are preparing a questionnaire to all people, whom participated the ABC, with questions on how you use the Workbook. You may remember, that I volunteered to make a helping sheet on that subject. I learned in discussions in Copenhagen, that we have a huge variability among ACA groups in Europe and perhaps in the world, and I think that it is a rich source of information. I guess that we’ll have a good start if we first collect it.

So, please be prepared for a questionnaire, appearing to your mailbox shortly! All knowledge you are willing to provide, will be made open to every other aca group.

The first fruits of our work you will receive after the aca-trek in July, since this trek was inspired by the trees in the covers of Workbook. We will test our translated material in the trek, and then send it to you. Then you can organize your own treks in Bielowitza, Balaton, Yellowstone or Isle of Man. Or you can have it in a large conference room lasting 3 hours, as we did in freezing cold Oulu, Finland. Or for one day walk over the meadows, as we did in Finnish aca summer camp.

This will be the first extended version in the wild. There are some places still available.

“Thank you to all who helped create this volunteer flyer” Larry sent us a flyer for volunteers. Here in DK we thought that the idea was so good that we’ve translated it into Danish, and at using it for ourselves as well. Thanks Larry.

This was what I have chosen to report for this month

Yours in service

Sincerely Majbrit M, DK