Agenda & Minutes

Monthly EC Teleconference reporting for July 2019

Evolving European Committee

DATE 6th July 14:00 CET 

Next EC Meeting – Sat 22nd June

The EC calls now take place on Zoom:

Zoom Meeting:

Meeting ID: 178 726 055

Roll Call:

Charlie H – WSO Chair

Majbrit M – EC Chair & WSO Board member

Tanya M – outgoing EC Secretary

Present – Alexia – Germany,

Arjan, NL

Daniel C – Austria

Frederik H – Sweden

Hanne – Finland

Hasse O – Denmark

Jeanette – Sweden

Kadri Liisa – Estonia

Lina – Lithuania

Majbrit M – Denmark + WSO

Marc G – NL

Marcus – Sweden

Matthew – NL

Mikkel – DK

+ some later arrivals

Summary of last few months:

Both members of EC & WSO have recognised a need for looking at development and more participation from more people from more countries.

Many leaders were requesting change voiced at Malmo’s ABC

May EC TC had a consensus to look at a new model of leadership and this process be more participatory and inclusive with a goal of European board of officers and directors.

5 Volunteers in May stepped up as a planning committee – Frederik, Marc, Mikkel & Veronica + resource of Majbrit & Charlie – meeting 1-2/week

Agenda for Minsk in end of July has been proposed

Ongoing discussion for what EC will do in late July in Minsk

Focus today is to raise come questions and adjust planning.

Majbrit requested that members interested in doing service at EC level to please write a description of yourself, your service background and your particular area of service interest and send to

email [email protected]

Several new members joined the Planning Committee – Hasse from Denmark, Lina from Lithuania, Hanne from Finland, Jeanette and Markus both from Sweden.  Welcome!

An Interim Board was discussed, along with timeframes to allow for proposals to be put forward and for a vote in the September EC TC.  Time was a consideration for a handover from the Chair (Majbrit) before stepping down in April 2020 at the next WSO ABC in Florida??

The Planning Committee aim to ratify an Interim EC Committee on the September 7th at the EC TC  

A consensus was agreed that representatives go to Minsk & make and develop recommendations to get out to European fellowship.


Advise fellowships that service roles are available


Decide on top 3-4 items for discussion in Minsk

What times can be Zoomed into by National groups wishing to participate

Anyone interested in service – email your interest and your service background to [email protected]

Next meeting – Saturday 13th on Zoom with Planning Committee

At Minsk

Discuss and record the specific tasks of each committee

Develop service sponsors for smaller countries

Develop proposals to larger body for consideration in Aug/Sept TCs

Majbrit, Charlie and the Interim EC Organizing Committee – Alexia, Mikkel, Veronika, Frederik, Marc

New members – Hasse, Hanne, Jeannete, Markus, Lina

Agenda for next call June 22nd:

a)      Establishing an Interim EC Board & Volunteering on the new EC Service Structure

b)      Timetable for New Processes & Roadmap for the EC Event in Minsk

c)       Discussing a Proposed Service Structure

1.       Basics

a.       Bottom-up elections process for country representatives

b.       Descriptions of services positions

c.       Qualifications for EC board members

d.       Qualifications for chairs and vice chairs of sub committees


2.       Restructuring the EC Board/Establishing Sub-Committees

a.       EC-Board members: Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer

b.       EC-Sub-Committees: e.g. Service Structure (incl. Service Sponsors), Literature, Website, ABC, MPS, Host Committee for EC Events


3.       List of candidates for the Interim EC board

a.       Chair (Note: Majbrit is the current chair until the next ABC)

b.       Vice chair

c.       Secretary

d.       Treasurer

e. Website??

4.       List of candidates for the sub-committees

a.       Chairs

b.       Vice Chairs

5.       List of volunteers for the Sub-Committees

6.       Future Topics: Regions