Progress Notes 

Janaury 7, 2014

The Progress Notes are being submitted by the Distribution Center Staff and the participating Board members so that the fellowship is apprised of the Staff and Board’s ongoing effort to effectively and efficiently discharge their duty to serve the fellowship in carrying the message to the adult child that suffers.


Opened with voluntary Serenity Prayer

Present: Chair, Treasurer, Vice-Chair, MM – Trustee, KO, TB, and KM

Workplace Safety: TB will pay for half of her safety belt and leave a check for $15 for GD in the office. She is entitled to use the belt off site and to take it with her should she leave the employ of WSO. Complete.

Cross Training: KM is almost done other than getting more practice on international orders and other misc. office tasks. Cross-training for TB is tabled until February. Training procedure document continuing to be refined.

Inventory: Inventory reconciliation still has problems. Treasurer and Accountant discussing.

Seeding Project: When the Low Inventory alert first appears, it should be forwarded to GD to start the Seeding Project notification process. After information about quote and shipping date from Bang are received, this should be forwarded to GD. Goal is a two-month notice to International Intergroups on Seeding Project.

Facilities Issues:

            Exterminator for termite droppings: Management Co will set up an appointment

            Insulation hanging from the Warehouse ceiling: Tenant’s responsibility

            Getting door lock changed: Tenant’s responsibility – they can provide us with a locksmith

            Fix roll-up door in warehouse: #1 priority – Tenant’s responsibility

            Spots near skylight: Tenant’s responsibility

            Plumbing:  We are responsible for plumbing repairs. Per KM, estimate is $250.00. Need to send this in writing with plumber’s business name and address to Chair and Treasurer for approval.

            Heaters: Chair wants an estimate on cost of gettinga blower-type heater for the warehouse. (who is doing this?)

Packaging Options: Tabled until February:  Per Staff, any use of void fill would likely require larger boxes. Other options instead of bubble wrap: thicker boxes, kraft paper, etc. Goal: to ship most efficiently and effectively. Per Staff, void fill machine would have to be a tabletop model rather than a standalone because of space. 

Master File cabinet: Tabled until February: Chair will discuss employee files assembly with KO. Files from Accountant have been put in cabinet.

Volunteers:  Received email through Outreach of someone interested in either employment or volunteering. As we are not hiring, Treasurer will respond about volunteer opportunities.

Warehouse Shelving: Tabled until February:  TB has to others in the industrial park but hasn’t found anyone yet who has appropriate shelving; knows person who was going to draw up a schematic for us during the summer and will also check with them on status.

Literature Orders and Reorders (Responsible for) – Orders and Issues

            Staples (KO): New meeting binder – New cover received from layout person and inserted in all binders. Problems with tri-folds.

            Bang (TB): Preparing to order 13th Printing; should have about 10 pallet positions available.

            Wendells (KM): Order scheduled to be delivered today. 

            Seaside (TB): For redesign of Newcomer pamphlet, cost will be $6,163 for 15,000.

            Uline (TB): Will order samples of specialized single boxes for our different books with next Uline order.

            Other Supplies: Nothing at this time.

Tax exempt letters: Treasurer to send to all appropriate Vendors.

Petty Cash: Previous petty cash system will cause us problems during an audit. Treasurer discussing with Accountant.

Shipping Rates:  Even though FedEx seems to have cheaper rates, this is tabled until new Shopping Cart is installed. Also, even though UPS Surepost rates are lower than other UPS choices, because packages sent this way are delivered by USPS, it may not be an option certain customers would choose. This will also be tabled until new Shopping cart is installed. Tabled.

New Website: Staff to investigate the other shopping cart. Highest Priority-need to research the following with xcart:

  • How does their system work for month end inventory?
  • Does it freeze time for the inventory?
  • How easily can we add or change the product descriptions?
  • How do other clients handle month end inventory?

Log Sheets: To be discussed offline with Chair and Treasurer before more discussion with Staff.

Slightly damaged/other miscellaneous books:

            Slightly damaged – MPS Committee feels they have a use for these books. Treasurer will find out how many they think they need so we don’t keep too many in stock, as some less damaged items can be sold.

            Commemoratives with wrong edition – 24 have 6th instead of 9th – Will sell online. Entire shipment was actually wrong and we sold them that anyway.

            Left handed books – to be sold for $7. KM is sending picture and count to Treasurer. 

Folding Machine and Counting Scale: Chair will investigate

  Production Benchmarks:

            BRBs – 4 boxes/hour  

            Workbooks – 4 boxes/hour

            Meditation Books – per KM, 60 individuals (2 cases of 30) takes just over an hour. Customers are mostly buying in singles and multiples of 10.

Technology support: TB to get quote from Geek Squad

2nd PC to be Updated: UPS Worldship has been installed. However without getting another license through T-Hub, any UPS labels printed from the 2nd PC will have to manually enter the tracking numbers in QSC. KO will check with Accountant to see if World Ship and/or T-Hub are specific to GoDaddy or if we’ll need them with a new Shopping Cart.


Issuing Partial Shipping Refunds: Current policy is not to issue refunds of less than $5.00. Chair and Treasurer will discuss this issue with the Board. In any event, it will be eventually taken care of on its own with a new Shopping Cart.

Meeting ended at 11:30 PST with the voluntary Serenity Prayer