The Balance Sheet explains how the fellowship’s funds are earmarked. We’re starting to see the flow of those funds for the development of the new Website. As payments are made, the value is capitalized as an asset, with an already accompanying depreciation for tax purposes.

The Profit and Loss Statement is a monthly snapshot of the income and expenses for the month. Notable items are the excellent sales of the meditation book, the fact that the salaries for three pay periods were part of this month’s expenses, and that the eBook revenues were $1,888, which is up just over 10% from last month.

7th Tradition contributions are listed separately under the “Donations Received” tab to the left. Thank you to all groups and individuals for their continued financial support of WSO efforts.

I have submitted a re-write of the Suggested Banking Procedures tri-fold, as has been requested by the fellowship for some time. 

If any fellowship members have questions about the finances, please choose the Funding option from the dropdown menu on the Contact WSO tab on the website.

I want to express my thanks once again to the other members of the Treasury Committee for their support – Martin C. and Allen C. (no relation.)  I’ve always wanted to say that.  We met on January 9th and the minutes of that meeting will be posted at another time.

Respectfully submitted,

Mary Jo L.

ACA WSO Treasurer