Report for teleconference the 14th of December

This month there has been a lot of traffic to and from the Danish Intergroup concerning the translation of the Big Red Book. We will attempt to collect the corrections for the big red book and discuss our way to the words that best describe the concepts and the terminology we use in the program. It’s the final stage, and adjustments in the text for the next print of the book.

As we speak, we will make suggestions on the website of the collected fixes that might be, so they can be treated in our proof-selection committee. This, however, introduced at the February Intergroup meeting.
People are still working to per pose a motion to get the European Office to Denmark.

In England people are wondering if it would be possible to have access to a list of possible sponsors, preferably in the UK but also in the States.

Other than that I’ve been in contact with people from Hungary, concerning meetings, and here I can say that in order for people to find meetings, it is necessary for Hungary to update their information on the WSO website. Other wise it is impossible to help find a meeting

This concludes my report for this month.

European Chair ACA
Majbrit M, Denmark