December shows very positive financial numbers.  The Profit & Loss Statement tells us that there was an overall Net Income of over $12,000.  This one month’s figure is more than twice as much as at the end of the year 2012.  We have made significant strides in cost cutting and streamlining things on the processing end. 

As we continue to refine the financial documents, the Balance Sheet now shows that of the considerable funds we now have, everything is earmarked, including funds for a new website. 

As always, for those of us who like the visual representation of income and expenses, the Pie Charts give that picture.

The 7th Tradition Contributions are listed in the sub-category of the Treasurer’s Report called Donations Received on the menu to the left. 

Thank you to the Treasury Committee – Martin C. and Allen C.  We met twice in December, first to add finishing touches to the budget as well as miscellaneous items, and the second meeteing to discuss what the financial projections were for a new website and help determine what was feasible and how it would be capitalized.

Respectfully submitted,

Mary Jo L.

ACAWSO Treasurer