The Progress Notes are being submitted by the Office Manager and the participating Board members so that the fellowship is apprised of the Staff and Board’s ongoing effort to effectively and efficiently discharge their duty to serve the fellowship by carrying the message to the adult child that suffers.
Progress Notes 

Staff Schedules: Staff is sending schedule to Treasurer and Chair. They are making adjustments among themselves and notifying the Treasurer and Chair. 


Workplace Safety: New belts were ordered.  Trudy will pay for part of hers because she intends to use it away from the office also.  Treasurer checking with Accountant about how to manage payment.


Cross Training: Kim is almost done and feeling very comfortable with daily work; needs more practice on international orders.  The training procedure document is being refined.


Inventory: Inventory reconciliation is proving difficult. Treasurer and Accountant will talk offline about it with Staff. 


Seeding Project: Literature Chair to work with Accountant on a PO system for this project.  Wen re-order time hits, Gloria sends seeding letter.  Goal is a two month notice on seeding project rather than one month.  Question about how account for these sales in the inventory figures.  Need a step-by-step procedure that includes these things as well as getting the Bang quote, placing the order, and finding out when shipment will leave Bang.


Plumbing:  Chair checked with property management to see who is responsible for fixing plumbing. Kim Kim is getting an estimate on cost of fixing.


Management Company Inquiries: In response to Chair’s email, Management company rep to visit office; will ask about

  • Exterminator for termite droppings
  • Insulation hanging from the Warehouse ceiling
  • Having office lock changed
  • Fix roll-up door in warehouse – #1 priority
  • Spots near skylight

Packaging Options: Tabled until February:  Investigating void fill options. Per Staff, if we use air fill machine, we’ll need larger boxes. Other options to consider instead of bubblewrap are thicker boxes, kraft paper, etc. Need to determine how to ship most efficiently and effectively. Staff thinks void fill machine would have to be a tabletop model rather than a standalone because of space. 


Master File cabinet: Tabled until February: Kristina got extra cabinet key from Accountant and gave to Gloria. Chair will discuss with Kristina about how to assemble physical employee files.  Kristina started to assemble file folders.  Files from Accountant have been put in cabinet.


Volunteers:  No one is responding to the volunteer requests included in the orders. Staff will remove any date information on the flyer included in the orders. 


Warehouse Shelving: Tabled until February:  Former Office Manager was to get a schematic from someone. Trudy doesn’t think the person ever came. She has talked to a few people in the industrial park but so hasn’t found anyone who has appropriate shelving; renter next door wondering if we want to rent one of their 2 units as they don’t need both anymore; She will continue to check further in other units; knows person who was going to give schematic and will also check with them on status.

Literature Orders and Reorders (Responsible for):

  • Staples (KO):  New meeting binder – Chair sent cover sheet to layout person for fresh copy.
  • Bang (TB)
  • Wendells – (KM) Contacting Wendell’s about available discounts. 
  • Seaside (TB) – getting new prices for redesign of Newcomer pamphlet;
  • Uline (TB)

Tax exempt letter: Treasurer to send to all appropriate Vendors. 


Supply Orders:  TB will look into getting samples of specialized single boxes for our different books.


Petty Cash: Had used a petty cash system where money from recycling was then used to buy waters, etc.  

Accountant says we need a more formal system.  Treasurer to find discuss with Accountant.


UPS:  FedEx has cheaper rates and we could use their rates to get cheaper UPS rates; SurePost is the lowest rates – Staff will do a trial run of sending them for cheaper rates.  Tabled.


New Website: Staff to investigate the other shopping cart


Log Sheets: Tabled until after inventory


Slightly damaged/Other Miscellaneous books:

  • Slightly damaged– getting more all the time. Tabled 
  • Some have wrong edition – 24 have 6th instead of 9th – can we sell at a reduced rate? Entire shipment was wrong and we sold them that way.
  • Left handed books – to be sold for $7.


Folding Machine and Counting Scale:


Conf. Call Progress notes:  KO will be responsible for taking notes starting with next meeting; will send rough draft to Chair and Treasurer who will return to KO for upload into Repository.


Production Benchmarks:

  • BRBs – 4 boxes/hour  
  • Workbooks – 4 boxes/hour
  • Meditation Books – per KM, 60 individuals (2 cases of 30) takes just over an hour.  Customers are mostly buying in singles and multiples of 10.

Technology support:  TB to get quote from Geek Squad


2nd PC to be Updated:  Need World Ship and T-Hub installed.