ACA members accepting the call of service work provide the energy we need to do the good work of ACA around the globe. There could easily be 300 million adult children in the world, so the work ahead remains steady. But we make progress each day. p.536

In May, we received 492 requests. I emailed 660 answers. As for telephone calls, we got 65 that I returned using Skype for anonymity. 

International connections made this month:

Canada, UK, Australia, Ireland, Taiwan, Korea, Germany, Thailand, Sweden, China, South Africa,  Venezuela, Denmark  

Remarkable events:

———–Around the world:  The 1st Taiwan meeting reached out with an offer to translate literature into Chinese, I connected Larry to this, they are updating their meeting to a Skype meeting. A Korean member reached out for a sponsor; I am working with her to check on her meeting’s needs with literature. Many countries have difficulty using our website for ordering as it is now. We might have someone who can translate into Hungarian. A Chinese member requested literature for therapists in Ningbo and we are working to make that happen. The only meeting in Thailand contacted me and after verifying they are the only meeting in their country, they received a Mtg Starter Kit free of charge.  A Swedish member asked for help in getting a sponsor and a UK member requested guidance in step study formats and I forgot to send to Majbrit and responded to them and then sent them to Majbrit after the fact. A South African member reached out and there is only one meeting and it is 784 miles away. I okayed MPS budget to help S AF literature shipping cost. 

———–Intergroups: San Antonio TX has a brand new intergroup representing 7 groups in a 100 mile radius,  complete with a Spanish meeting representative.  The FL State IG flourishes as they grow creating a robust service structure, website and monthly teleconference meetings.  I also heard from Washington DC which said they might start an IG. When I get these requests, I connect interested persons with other Intergroups for their support in starting.  I came to the conclusion that my MPS work is so involved that I will not be able to do a monthly or quarterly email to all the Intergroup email addresses. I had hoped that I could do that, to become a link between WSO and the IG’s, but I see I don’t have the energy to do that on my own. I will let IG’s reach out to WSO via email, phone calls and involvement of the monthly Teleconference and the annual ABC. 

———–ACA Teen: A meeting is teaming up with the Las Vegas meeting and Majbrit to develop an ACA Teen meeting in IL.

———–Teamwork: Gloria-34, Majbrit-14, MaryJo-2, Ines-3 including a Venezuelan request, Larry-9: -Med Book missing chunks, 3 translation offers: Danish, Dutch, Polish, Hungarian (Magyar) and a UK member hoping to publish ACA literature in the UK. Joan-4, Office-21 (I haven’t reported office teamwork as of yet) Executive Board: 1, it was a hotel in Las Vegas offering their services. MPS: Laura and I worked off and on in the beginning stages of incorporating her into the MPS Committee. I copied her at her request to see how I handle different types of emails. She requested to try some on her own. I sent her 4 “find a meeting” requests to do on her own. I texted her to let her know each time I forwarded one. She was able to do one of them. When following up with her she expressed it is hard for a person to do this work without a computer, using a tablet/smart-phone she and I agreed for me to continue alone until she finds other means. I appreciate her service and the diligent time she spent in training and her enthusiasm about the carrying the message.

 ———–Events: 2 events were added.There are 4 Non WSO sponsored events listed. I edited the 2014 ABC information.

———–Public Information related: A Student Assistant Counselor in a NJ high school reached out for ACA resources for teens, I am setting her school up with a BBI package. The Annual Recovery Festival in MD invited ACA to their event, I sent a listing of IG’s and meetings within her area. Reach Out Recovery asked for us to update our information for their website. A Therapist who received a BBI asked if she could conduct ACA group therapy and advertise on our website, we worked together to clear up misunderstandings. A Marriage and Family Therapy intern received a BBI package for her counseling center in CA. A MI therapist asked for help in starting a group recovery ACA meeting and I offered clarity. We received notice that there is an opportunity in Los Angeles for groups to set up booths or have meetings at a 4th of July Share Health event, I forwarded the information to all the CA IG’s.

———–From the fellowship: A meeting requested guidance for planning a sponsorship fellow traveler convention in Tucson. Telephone meetings: 1 complaint, 1 concern, 7 requests for guidance. Members asked for help in ordering over the phone. A member asked if it is common to feel affected by ACA effects on the job. An ACA member is a member of a Facebook closed group and she emailed to ask if it is a registered meeting and it’s not I directed her to the Internet registered meetings. I sent 2 specific requests to seek clarity on 5 registered meetings: 1 group is called AA for ACoA in DC.  VA has 3 meetings that are self-titled as Adult Children Anonymous and a meeting calls itself Alanon/ACA. A member received a promotion for a non ACA workshop due to the mining of her email off of our website, I contacted the sender and explained what the points of contact are used for. A member asked for a list of speakers for their convention. I helped a person find page #s in her ebook. How does a person become a WSO member? Every other month someone reaches out with a request under the premise that Tony A’s book is our book- this month the request was when are we going to republish “our ” book “The Laundry List” by Tony A.

—–What I hear each month:

Do you have a sponsor list? I need to find a meeting for my family member. Is my group attached to an IG, if so, what is it? What therapist should I go to? How can I know the meeting is there before I go? How do I get meeting insurance? Do we have literature on audio?

A big thank you for the meditation book: “…It puts such a positive focus on our work and I love all the artwork. I hear others say what I’ve discovered — that it IS part of the magic & spirituality of our program. It’s like HP speaking each day with exactly what I need to hear…”