Literature Report

April 2014


During the past month, the Literature Committee has been following up with the Literature Standardization Project, the a-BRB, and website design.

Standardized Literature Look & Contact Information – The on-going project of standardizing the tri-folds is nearly complete.

Also, the 12 Concepts and the Commitment to Service tri-folds were combined into one tri-fold.

a-BRB – The production company is close to finalizing this project. The literature committee is starting to consider which methods of distribution will be used.

Spanish BRB – Coordinating between the translating groups continues by Ines Z., Spanish Translation/Group Liaison Trusted Servant.  

Multilingual Translations – Majbrit and Ines are leading an effort to obtain a quote to have the free ACA Literature off of the website professionally translated into multiple languages.

e-BRB sales for March were 327 e-books sold.  All tolled, there have been 4,610 e-BRBs sold. 

The “Starting an Intergroup” project has been drafted and is ready for best practices input from established intergroups.

ACA Is… – Still in search for an Arabic translation.

Sincerely yours in service,

Larry A., Literature Chair

ACA WSO Trustee


From a  space of love, I give service in ACA so that every adult child seeking recovery may find a safe place.