August 9, 2014

A. Called to Order: The regular meeting of the Board of Trustees of ACA WSO was called to order at 2:00 p.m. EST by Larry A., Chairman, and opened with The Serenity Prayer.  

 Step Eight was read by the Chairman.

B. Board Members present: LarryA., Chair and Literature Committee Chairman; Joan B., Vice Chairman and Hospitals and Institutions Committee Chair; Mary Jo L, Treasurer; Karen R, Secretary; Vonnie G., MPS Chair and Trustee; Majbrit M., European Committee Chair and Trustee; Ines Z, Spanish Liaison and Spanish Translations Committee Chair and Trustee, and Martin C, Treasury Committee Member and Trustee

C. Quorum established 


D. Guest Introductions: Guests who chose to introduce themselves at this time included (number of TC meetings attended shown in parenthesis if announced): Scott R, Prescott, AZ (former Board member, many meetings) Susie, PA (6); Bonnie, TX (3);Pam, CA;Gerald, PA (1); John, Santa Barbara, CA (6), Mona, Chicago, IL (38); Jude, VA (3); Sam B, Signal Hill, CA WSO Distribution Office Manager(1); Phyllis R, Prescott AZ (former Board member, many meetings); Bridgett, CA (2); Laura, CA; MaryEtta, CT (4); Robin, TX (Literature Committee Production Asst.)

E. Approval of Minutes: A motion was made and the minutes of the July 12, 2014 teleconference meeting were approved as posted. (Karen)

F. Committee Reports:

            1. Treasurer, Mary Jo L., reports on the 7th Tradition donations, profit and loss statements, balance and comparison sheets as well as the finance committee setting up systems for better checks and balances. The full Treasurer Report is on the Repository.

          2. Literature Committee, (Larry A.):   Information was given about the Board’s decision to distribute the audio version of the BRB through itunes, Apple and Audible; Inez continues efforts with volunteers on Spanish translations and reports testing a new program for translations as suggested by the Literature Committee Production Assistant, Robin; Work continues with the project by John M. for establishing guidelines; Robin reports possible use of the translation module with other languages. The full Literature Committee report can be found on the Repository.

          3. Distribution Office was given by Sam B., Our new Office manager gives his first report about getting his feet on the ground in the new role of office manager, reviewing employee efforts, and operation procedures as well as general office/warehouse maintenance and security issues.

          4. ACA Members and Public Service (MPS) Committee, Vonnie G.:  Reports on continued outreach efforts to non USA countries and providing information for both member and public; there were inquiries about ACA Teen, about ACA material being used in various training resources and notes of both WSO supported and non WSO events available on the website, and a call for volunteers.   The full MPS Committee Report is found on the Repository.

          5. Hospitals and Institutions Committee(Joan B.) Report includes information being sent to various institutions and prison inmates who will be working with other inmates to help spread the ACA message.The full report is found on Repository.

          6. Website/Database: Larry was able to report about progress and updates of the new website, and expresses appreciation to Scott, the webmaster who retired last year but who continues to provide support and instruction during this integrating period. The full website/database report may be found on the Repository.

          7. European Activity Report, Majbrit M: Reports regarding support and outreaches with people from the Netherlands, France, the UK, with expressions of gratitude for the contacts. Also shared information regarding the upcoming speaking engagement at the ACA Convention to be held in Latvia.

            8. 2015 ABC Committee, Mary Jo:   Reports continuing to look for locations and hosts for the ABC to be held in April with a call to service posted on the website. Also reports review to moving dates of call for ballot proposals up a few weeks in order to accommodate translations of ballot proposals.

          9. OPPM Review Committee, Karen:  Reports project is on task with division of OPPM among volunteers for review.

          10. Executive Committee Report: No report.   Martin C. requested that a space be created on next month’s agenda for a progress report concerning the 2014 ABC proposal of possibly changing the wording of the Eleventh Tradition.

G. Old Business: none

H. New Business:

          1. Motion was made and passed unanimously: To validate for the record the pay increase for a special worker as discussed providing compensation for up to 15 hours a week. (Larry)

          2. Motion was made and passed unanimously to validate for the record the expenditure of $2,500 for two members of the Executive Board to travel to the ACA Distribution Center in Signal Hill California, tentatively scheduled for August 17-20, 2014. (Mary Jo)

            3. Motion was made and passed unanimously to validate for the record the expenditures of approximately $500 for plumbing repairs at the Distribution Center. (Mary Jo)

         4. Motion was made and passed unanimously: That the Board validate on the record their authorization for the chair (Larry A.) send a cease and desist letter to a member who was announcing on a phone line that they would send the digital ACA Fellowship Text (e-BRB) to anyone who requested it. (Larry)


Adjournment: The motion to adjourn was made and 2nd. The meeting was adjourned at 3:06 p.m. EST and closed with the Serenity Prayer.

*          *          *

Secretary’s note: Though the teleconference meeting officially adjourned at 3:06 p.m., most of the Board members stayed on the line for questions or comments from the fellowship. Some of the items informally discussed included: the change in the agenda’s order, approved ACA literature, phone meeting etiquette issues, hosting and service concerning the ABC, business meeting etiquette, Intergroups and subcommittees, and an invitation to a telephone speaker meeting.


Announcements:  The next ACA WSO Board Teleconference is scheduled for September 13, 2014 at 2:00 p.m. EST.

The 2015 Annual Business Conference is scheduled for the last weekend in April 2015, April (25-26). Start saving your pennies now or have your group start passing the basket an extra time around! Details to be announced. 🙂

Minutes respectfully submitted by; Karen Ragan, ACA/WSO Board of Trustees, Secretary