Hospitals & Institutions Monthly Report

June 2015

There were 4 requests for literature sent out to various inmates, the orders consisted of BRBs and a workbooks.

There is a need for Intergroups and groups to become active in H&I work. H& I work would consist of making arrangements with treatment centers, jails, prisons, etc., to take in meetings for the residents there who are unable to leave the facility to attend meetings. These H&I meetings are not registered with WSO like regular meetings, and no 7th Tradition donations are taken. The volunteers going into hospitals and institutions would probably go to that meeting weekly, or even monthly, whatever is set up with the institution and depending on how many ACA volunteers there are to share the meeting times.

Another way to do H&I work is to take ACA literature into the facilities so the residents and counselors can learn about ACA.

I may be contacted through the “Contact Us” feature on the ACA website if anyone wants to learn more about or volunteer for the H&I  Committee.

Submitted by Joan B

H&I Committee