August 8, 2015


A.  Called to Order:  The regular meeting of the Board of Trustees of ACA WSO was called to order at 2:00 p.m. EST by Larry A., Chairman, and opened with the Serenity Prayer.  

Tradition Eight was read by the Chairman.

B.  Roll Call of Board Members:   Larry A., Chairman, Website and Database Chair and Literature Committee Chair; Mary Jo L, Treasurer, and Finance Committee Chair; Ines Z, Secretary, Spanish Liaison and Spanish Translations Trusted Servant; Martin C, Finance Committee Member, Intergroup Liaison Subcommittee Chair and Trustee.  

  1. Quorum established 
  1. Guest Introductions:  Guests who chose to introduce themselves at this time included (number of TC meetings attended shown in parenthesis if known:  

E.  Approval of Minutes:  A motion was made and 2nd, and the minutes of the July 13, 2015 teleconference meeting were unanimously approved. (Ines)

F.  Committee Reports:


  1. Finance Committee:  Mary Jo I’m treasurer the report is on repository as well as Links to financial statements.  Increase in net income for July was $1,988 primarily due to three payroll periods in July for Special Workers which impacts the bottom line.  YTD income of just over $41,000.  Full report may be found in the Repository.
  2. Literature Committee:  Bar coding status is really going fast now and this will help us when we get into international sales. Literature update section has workbook that is up for review for adding questions and we need comments.  Full report may be found in the Repository and send comments to [email protected].

                 Ines-Spanish translation work is proceeding regularly

                 Larry for Phyllis-Comline committee is putting together an edition that will           be the ABC edition that will try to roll out via shopping cart and it will be for        free and subsequent ones will be on Xcart.

3.       Literature Distribution Center-Mary Jo Gloria reports 1,475 active           meetings.

4.       Member and Public Service - Special Worker Denise reported 451 e-mails        were received and 465 were sent, vonage voicemails were 141.             international connections made, Austrailia, Colombia, Germany, Holland,         England, Ireland, Mexico,  New Zealand, Poland, Siberia, South Africa,         Spain, Sweden, Turkey and Zambia.  Team work thank you for your time         and service Vonnie, Jude and Nastia.  Jude as you end your service with        MPS,  thank you for your time support and service assisting ACA and adult        children all over the world over past year.  Your service is so appreciated.

5.       Hospitals & Institutions -Table report Joan not present.

6.        Intergroup Liaison-Martin-The Report is not on the Repository and none            of reports since about January are not on apparently I locked whole thing         out.  My Bad in a non shaming way Emailed Scott to sort this out.         Apologies for that.  IG Subcommittee   Bonnie and Martin have answered          inquiries from India and New Zealand we welcome Denise MPS worker for         her work and we will be allowing her access to our emails.  John M and         John Van T have come onboard the committee to help facilitate work of          intergroups, to share experience strength and hope with each other.  They         both have ideas and I want to invite the four of us to have a Skype             discussion soon.  I pass

7.       Website and Dtabase Report-Report Online.  Overall inquiries are 37,907        people visiting the site. That’s up 24% over previous month.  Number of        new inquiries up 11% (people visiting site for first time).  Bounce            rate - Industry term for people who come to the site and then get off.         Bounce rate 53% which is up from 31%.  Scott notes 53% bounce rate still         considered to be quite good by most in the industry the concern would be        if the bounce trend keeps increasing.  Scott will be keeping an eye on this        trend in future reports.  For those of you listening Scott is our IT Special        Worker.  For more information about the website please feel free to read        the report or/and drop us a note using the contact us tab on the website       

8.       European Commitee - Majbrit - Posted my committee report on         repository.  Posted minutes from skpe call on first of august.  Would like        anyone to come and join us on our skype call every first Saturday of month.         Next time 2nd of September at 1400 hours Central European time.  The        fellowship in Europe is growing, new Meetings in Düsseldorf, Germany,        Geneva, Switzerland, Monaco a new Intergroup is forming in Madrid Spain.         There are conventions in Hungary.  Please see attached link in Finland at        end of this month and Moscow has event on 3rd of October. I have been in        contact with Sweden, Norway, Finland, Holland, Luxemburg, Italy, Czech        Republic, Spain and UK.   July was very busy month for me reading emails        from the office taking away time from my work on the European committee        that really shows we need board members trustees and volunteers.  I went        to the distribution center in Los Angeles.  Having had a first look at the        facilities and how the staff works. I got a very good impression on how        things work. The knowledge of how the DC works will come in handy        opening up a potential fulfillment center in Europe. Regarding things        discussed on the European committee monthly teleconference, please see        the minutes from the first of August on the Repository.

9.       OPPM Review Committee - Reported by Mary Jo and Ines who also serve        on this committee.  Mary Jo-We met once in July, possibly twice we continue        to just keep moving along.  Nothing major to report 

10.          2016 ABC Liaison Report-Larry We are still asking groups and              Intergroups that are interested in hosting to step forward. We did get one           proposal from one group that the board had reviewed and expended has           responded with some comments as well as exploring other venues and           other possible accommodations.  You’ll get more information the next           couple of weeks about the ABC/World ACA Convention, also known as           W.A.C.  Hopefully we’ll have more information about those events very           soon so people out there can start their process in terms of gathering           funds if they are going to attend.  We have also moved up the deadline           for submitting proposals to September 30th so please inform your groups           that if they are going to submit proposals to the Annual Business              Conference they should start working on those so we can get them by           September 30th then they will be sent to the Fellowship to see if we can           get a 2/3 vote in favor and then those will be put on the agenda for the           delegates to consider at the ABC. 

11.          Executive Committee - Majbrit Approvals for this month was 1,200           Hardcover Meditation book, chips re-order, order of Tri folds and new           meeting inserts.

No Old Business

New Business:

  1. Motion 1- Motion: Request for concurrence to reactive the Survey Monkey account to use for the 2016 ABC.  The cost is $26/month. (Mary Jo).  Ines-Seconded the Motion

     Motion carried unanimously

  1. Motion 2- Motion:  That the Board meet near Signal Hill, California, for a three-day strategic planning meeting from November 12th through the 15th, and that those Board members who are able to stay longer may do so to work with the Special Workers and organize the archives at the Distribution Center. (Mary Jo)Ines-Seconded the motion

Motion carried unanimously

  1. Motion: The Board validate on the record the Board's Specific Concurrence to print 2,000 copies of Laundry List Workbooks (LLWB) at a cost of $7,568 and sell at a price of $12.  The LLWB will be included in the 10% Bulk Discount and Intergroup 30% Discount offers.  (Larry).  Majbrit-Secondede the motion

Motion carried unanimously.

  1. Motion: The Board send complimentary copies of the Laundry List Workbook (LLWB) to all the contributors/editors/proofreaders, of which there are 7, and each Board member for a total of 12 complimentary copies. (Larry).  Mary Jo-Seconded the motion

Motion carried unanimously.

  1. Motion: The Board authorize the payment $280 for the US Copyright application for the Laundry List Workbook (LLWB). (Larry)  Martin-seconded the motion

Motion carried unanimously.

  1. Motion: Specific Concurrence to authorize payment for an additional 25 hours of work on X-Cart for programmatic fixes. (Larry)  Ines-Seconded the motion

Mary Jo-Are motions 6, 7 and 8 related.  Larry they are not related.

Motion carried unanimously.

  1. Motion:  That the Board validate on the record the Board's Specific Concurrence to spend $2,053 on upgrades to the x-cart and email account. (Larry)

Amendment:  Change number to $2,188 and consolidate amendment 7 & 8.  Majbrit - Seconded the motion

Motion carried unanimously. 

Withdraw Motion 8: Majbrit - We are not canceling motion 8 we just collapsed it with Motion 7.  Onto Motion 9

  1. Motion 9: To validate on the record the Board's concurrence to paying the necessary expenses incurred by Will C, the Secretary of the European Committee, to attend the European Meeting in Helsinki, Finland, 28-30 August 2015. (Martin)

Majbrit-Seconded the motion

Motion carried unanimously.

  1. Motion 10: Specific concurrence to obtain available Archives

(Mary Jo) Martin-seconded the motion

Motion carried unanimously.

  1. Motion 11:  To select John M. as Chair of the MPS Committee. (Larry)

Mary Jo-seconded the motion

Motion carried unanimously.

  1. Motion: Concurrence to formalize the DC Oversight Committee  (Mary Jo)
  • Mary Jo - Operations and Financial oversight
  • Majbrit - Operations oversight
  • Ines - HR oversight  

Martin-seconded the motion

Motion carried unanimously

Executive Approvals was already covered by Majbrit.

The floor was then opened for guest comments.    In summary, speaker links, service at the World Level, costs of traveling to Distribution Center, andthanking tursted srvants for their servicements, discussions?

Announcements: Larry- Proposals may be submitted for the 2016 ABC.  I think the date is September 30th so please if you’re going to get those done, use the survey monkey and get those to us so it can be vetted and translated and ready for the ABC which is in April 2016.

The next ACA WSO Board Teleconference is scheduled September 12, 2015 at 2:00 p.m. EST.

Is there a motion and 2nd to adjourn the meeting?

Mary Jo - Motions to adjourn

Ines - Seconded the motion

Any questions, comments about the motion to adjourn the meeting?

Motion carried unanimously.

Closed the Meeting with the Serenity Prayer.