Shortly after the 2016 ABC the WSO Board created an ad hoc committee who mission was to examine the current ACA service structure and deliver a report to the board recommending improvements.

Goal: Prepare a report for the WSO Board recommending a service structure that meets the organizational goals and expanding global membership of ACA for the 2017 ABC.


  1. List ACA goals.
  2. List challenges presented by our expanding global fellowship.
  3. Summarize our current structure with an analysis of strength and weaknesses.
    • Which challenges are met and which goals are addressed by our current structure?
    • Which challenges are not met and which goals are not addressed by our current structure?
  4. Summarize other 12-Step service structures and analize ways their structures could meet unmet needs of our organization.
  5. Prepare and defend a structure ACA.

The Service Structure Committee will hold it s first teleconference meeting at 6pm EST on Monday, May 16th 

The call in number is (712) 770-4010 and the access code is 281687.
International access is available by country as well. Here are two examples. If others are needed please send me a direct message or email.
Denmark +45 78 77 25 41
Czech +420 225 852 063

We will try to limit the first meeting to 1-1/2 hours and will hopefully arrive at a consensus on Goals and Objectives along with confirming tasks and responsibilities for committee participants.

Due to time limitations and committee size, I propose we use timed shares of 3 minutes and limit those shares to one per item under consideration until all members have had a chance to share on the item.  

We will most likely not be discussing the in depth details of any information presented at this first meeting. That can be reserved for breakout groups.

Please email [email protected] if you would like to work on this committee.