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The reviews are in and the 2016 ABC & Inaugural World Convention was a huge success!

The Annual Business Conference (ABC) and ACA World Convention (AWC) were planned and held in Delray Beach, Florida in April. Over 260 delegates and members attended the 3 day event and were afforded the opportunity to hear 3 keynote speakers, attend 6 workshops, and participate in ACA meetings and other activities.

When the dust settled there were a lot of happy faces rejuvenated by the fun packed weekend of recovery and service.

The committee has already begun planning for the 2017 event and in the next couple of weeks will be sending out a survey to everyone who attended the 2016 ABC-AWC seeking input on ways to make them better.

After the surveys are collected and analyzed, the guidelines for bidding to host the 2017 ABC & AWC will be prepared and made available to the membership.

Bill D. ACA Boardmember and the 2016 ABC AWC Host Planning Committee Chair, will chair this committee for the coming year.  If you would like to be a part of the committee that puts on the Annual Business Conference and ACA World Convention, feel free to send your contact info to