Ballot / GCS Preparation Committee (BPC)
Statement of Purpose

To review the current Ballot / GCS (Group Conscience Survey) procedures of the ACA Fellowship; discuss, formulate and recommend to the ACA WSO Board suggestions for improvement of the current Ballot / GCS system with emphasis to the following items:

1. Clarify the Ballot / Group Conscience Survey procedures for ACA groups, Intergroups and the ACA fellowship worldwide so as to remove any perceived sense of obfuscation of the Ballot / GCS process by the ACA WSO. Publish the proposal and balloting procedures, along with submission deadlines on the ACA website, in the COM LINE and in the Operating Policy and Procedures Manual (OPPM) when it is updated.

2. Communicate with ACA registered groups and Intergroups worldwide to help them understand that they have the right, and the responsibility, through their group conscience to offer proposals for additions, and/or changes to, ACA Policies, Procedures and Publications that they feel will be beneficial to the collective ACA groups, Intergroups, WSO and ACA Fellowship provided they are submitted within the current procedural timelines in the ACA Operating Policy and Procedures Manual (OPPM).

3. Examine all proposals submitted to ascertain that they were submitted by the group conscience of a registered ACA group or Intergroup and to make sure the desired intent is clearly understood and appropriately translated prior to being presented to the membership in the annual ACA Group Conscience Survey.

4. Encourage all ACA registered groups and Intergroups worldwide to participate in exercising their right to be heard through the ACA GCS process and to vote on any/or all proposals presented by other ACA groups, Intergroups or the WSO Board, provided they are submitted within the procedural timelines established by the OPPM.