1.Serenity Prayer: Bill D. led the group in the Serenity Prayer. We have decided to use the ACA Serenity Prayer in our future meetings: 
God, grant me the serenity
To accept the people I cannot change,
The courage to change the one I can
And the wisdom to know that one is me.
2.Members present: Charlie H., Nancy U., Bill D., Bonnie K.M., Marcia J., Marietta B. Melanie M., Jim R. and Tom R.
3.Purpose and objectives: As an ad hoc committee of the ACA WSO, our purpose is to research the service structures of other global fellowships in order to recommend how ACA should best organize its service structure to serve its growing fellowship nationally and globally.
Objective 1: Assess and summarize other 12 step organizations’ service structures.
Objective 2: Assess and summarize the ACA service structure.
Objective 3: Perform a comparison of ACA service structure to the other 12 step fellowships’ service structure and prepare recommendations to improve ACA’s service structure.
Objective 4: Prepare a report for the WSO Board outlining the findings and recommendations of the committee and deliver it to the board prior to the 2017 ABC.
Approve the minutes of the May 16 meeting: Nancy U. made a motion that we accept the amended minutes from May 16. Jim R. seconded the motion. Bill D. asked for those opposed. Since there were none opposed, the minutes have been approved.
Research assignments—Organizations in red are ready for presentation. 
AA—Charlie DA—Bonnie/CharlieOA— Marietta
Al-Anon—Nancy/JimNA—Jim SA—Bill 
CODA—Charlie Nar-Anon—Bonnie ACA—Marcia 
How do we want to go about evaluating the organizational designs we are researching?
The group had a discussion about how to evaluate the organizational presentations. The group agreed with Charlie H. that a matrix would be needed in order for us to make sure we were looking at the same criteria from each organization.  The format of the matrix was up for discussion. Marietta B. liked the rubric sent out by Marcia right before the meeting. Marcia J. liked her one page/4 column informational matrix. She would be willing to put the reports already finished into this format.  Bill D. would like something that could compare the information for all the groups we discuss on one page. Jim R. mentioned that an Excel sheet might be the best for that sort of matrix. Marcia mentioned that Excel can be used to sort information, which might be nice. Marietta B. mentioned that it would be good not to be too rigid in our document. The group went back to the three page rubric put out right before the meeting. This had been designed using some of the criteria that Nancy U. put into a previous document. The group decided this would be a good format for organizational presentations, which could then be transferred to a spreadsheet. 
The group then reviewed the questions and information required by the 3-page rubric checking for acceptable wording, and deciding if there were items that could be taken away or added to it. The changes were accepted by consensus.
1.Marcia will amend the 3-page rubric and have it up on the website sometime tomorrow.
2.Those with completed reports will put them into the 3-page format. 
3.Those still researching will use the 3-page rubric as their format.
Presentation: Overeaters Anonymous—Marietta 
It was decided that we would wait until the next meeting to start the presentations because some of those present needed to leave the meeting and we were close to the decided ending time anyway. 
Next meeting: June 20 *6PM EDT